Actions in WCF Data Services – Part 3: A sample provider for the Entity Framework

This post is the last in a series on Actions in WCF Data Services. The series was started with an example experience for defining actions (Part 1) and how IDataServiceActionProvider works (Part 2). In this post we’ll go ahead and walk through a sample action provider implementation that delivers the experience outlined in part 1… Read more

Actions in WCF Data Services – Part 2: How IDataServiceActionProvider works

In this post we will explorer the IDataServiceActionProvider interface, which must be implemented to add Actions to a WCF Data Service. However if you are simply creating an OData Service and you can find an implementation of IDataServiceActionProvider that works for you (I’ll post sample code with Part 3) then you can probably skip this… Read more

Actions in WCF Data Services – Part 1: Service Author Code

If you read our last post on Actions you’ll know that Actions are now in both OData and WCF Data Services and that they are cool: “Actions will provide a way to inject behaviors into an otherwise data-centric model without confusing the data aspects of the model, while still staying true to the resource oriented… Read more