WCF Data Services 5.5.0 Release

WCF Data Services 5.5.0 has officially been released! The 5.5.0 release will be another NuGet-only release as we did not make any updates to the Visual Studio tooling. The last tooling update was version 5.3.0. Services created using this version of tooling should update the runtime binaries to 5.5.0 with NuGet. What is in the… Read more

WCF Data Services 5.5.0 Prerelease

It’s that time again: yesterday we uploaded an RC for the upcoming 5.5.0 release. The 5.5.0 release will be another NuGet-only release. What is in the release: This release has two primary features: 1) significant enhancements to the URI parser and 2) public data source providers. URI Parser In the 5.2.0 release ODataLib provided a… Read more