Entity Set Resolver

Problem Statement:   In previous versions, the WCF Data Services .NET and Silverlight client libraries always assumed that all collections (aka entity sets) had the same base URI. This assumption was in place because the library used the URI provided in the DataServiceContext constructor to generate collection URIs using the OData addressing conventions. For example:… Read more

Additional Feed Customization Support

1.     Problem: In the previous version, WCF Data Services introduced the feed customization feature. This feature enabled users to map properties to certain elements in the Atom document. As an example, users could map a name property to the Atom title element. This is especially useful for generic feed readers which may not know how… Read more

Named Resource Streams

One of the new WCF Data Services features in the October 2010 CTP is something called Named Resource Streams. Background Data Services already supports Media Link Entries which allows you to associate a single streamed blob with an entry.  For example, you could have a Photo entry that lists the metadata about the photo and… Read more

Introduction to Multi-Valued Properties

Although you may see both the terms, “Bags” and “Multi-Valued Property”, they refer to the same thing. While this naming change was not included with the latest WCF Data Services 2010 October CTP release, based on community feedback, we’ve decided to use Multi-Valued Property for all future releases. What is a Bag Type? Today entities… Read more

Data Services Client for Win Phone 7 Now Available!

  Today, at the PDC, we announced that a production-ready version of the WCF Data Services client for Windows Phone 7 is available for download from http://odata.codeplex.com.  This means that it is now simple to create an app that connects your Windows Phone 7 to all the existing OData services as well as the new… Read more

Walkthrough: OData client for Windows Live Services

Background As described recently on the Windows Live team blog, programming against your Windows Live artifacts (Calendar, Photos, etc) is now possible using OData. This blog post will walk through how to use our recently released WCF Data Services CTP to interact with the Windows Live OData endpoint. In general the Windows Live OData endpoint… Read more

Announcing WCF Data Services Oct 2010 CTP1 for .NET4 & SL4

Today we are releasing CTP1 of the next version of the WCF Data Services libraries.  This release targets .NET 4 and Silverlight 4 and includes new client and server features in addition to those that shipped as part of .NET 4 & SL4.  With this CTP, you can now use the WCF Data Services client… Read more

WCF Data Services Client Library and Windows Phone 7 – Next Steps

We’ve received a fair number of questions regarding our current CTP library for Windows Phone 7 and what our RTM plans are. The goal of this post is to address many of those questions by describing our plans for the coming months…. Background The CTP release of the data services client that is currently available… Read more

ASP.NET Security Vulnerability

Over the weekend the ASP.NET team released a Microsoft Security Advisory about a security vulnerability found in ASP.NET: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/advisory/2416728.mspx The WCF Data Services team looked into the issue and don’t believe there is any additional exposure to the vulnerability beyond what is exposed by ASP.NET. However, if the WCF Data Service is hosted in ASP.NET,… Read more