Design Notes: URI Containment in Astoria

Problem statement Today in Astoria if you have two entity types that are functionally in a containment relationship, you still see a top-level entity set for the instances of the contained type, and further the URLs for instances of the contained types that go through the parent type contain redundant information. For example, assuming a… Read more

LINQ to ADO.NET Data Services

While we worked hard to make it such that any HTTP client can easily consume an ADO.NET Data Service, we are also working on client libraries for the .NET Framework, Silverlight and ASP.NET AJAX to up the level of abstraction clients written on those platforms.  The .NET Framework an ASP.NET AJAX libraries shipped with the… Read more

ADO.NET Data Services Dec2007 CTP – Validation and Access Control

Note: This post refers to the CTP available here. When building frameworks to expose and consume data on the web, access policy and data validation are always one of the first topics discussed during the design process, at conferences, etc.  Given this, we thought the topic would be a good one to kick off a… Read more

Viewing Data Services Responses Using Atom Serialization in Internet Explorer

The default serialization format for ADO.NET Data Services is now Atom instead of alternative XML-based formats we experimented with in previous releases.  In short, we chose this format because when combined with the Atom Publishing Protocol (APP) specification, this industry standard format can be used for general purpose data exchange.  I’m not going to get… Read more

ADO.NET Data Services ("Project Astoria") CTP is Released

The first CTP of the production version of ADO.NET Data Services is now available for download here as part of the ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions preview release. We are referring to this as the “first CTP” because the releases of Astoria prior to this were based on a prototype code base which we used to iterate… Read more

ADO.NET Data Services == Project "Astoria"

A new name, but goals stay the same As per our last blog post, we just finished a round of presentations on Astoria at Tech Ed EMEA, Tech Ed Africa, Dev Connections and finally Dev Teach. Thanks to everyone that attended our sessions and who stopped by our product booths for a chat. We much… Read more