Link to information about the WiX v3.6 beta

Rob Mensching posted an item on his blog announcing the release of the WiX v3.6 beta.  The key feature in WiX v3.6 is the Burn bootstrapper/chainer.  To summarize Rob’s post, Burn includes the following features: Modern setup UI, including using managed code for setup UI even if the .NET Framework isn’t installed Child setup package…


Windows 8 and Visual Studio 11 developer preview available for download

As announced on the Building Windows 8 blog and on Jason Zander’s blog among other places, a developer preview of Windows 8 is available for download.  One of the download options for the Windows 8 Developer Preview includes a pre-installed version of the developer tools, including Visual Studio 11 and .NET Framework 4.5 developer preview….


WiX v3.5 has released

Rob Mensching posted an item on his blog today declaring WiX v3.5 complete.  The final build number is 3.5.2519.0 and it can be downloaded from Here are a few brief highlights of what is included in WiX v3.5: Votive support for Visual Studio 2010 IIS7 custom actions Bug fixes to the core toolset Simplifications…


Likely final build of WiX v3.5 is now available to download

Rob Mensching announced on his blog yesterday that the build that is likely to be the final build of WiX v3.5 is now available to download.  The v3.5.2519 build contains a couple of targeted fixes for bugs reported since the 2nd escrow build was declared in December, and it will be the final build of…


WiX v3.5 escrow build is now available to download

Rob Mensching announced on his blog last week that WiX v3.5 is now in escrow mode, which means that there were zero active bugs when the v3.5.2325 build was produced, and the final release of WiX v3.5 will be happening very soon.  If no showstopper bugs are found and fixed, this build will be the…


WiX v3.5 now includes support for the Visual Studio 2010 release candidate

Rob Mensching posted an announcement on his blog this week about the availability of a build of WiX v3.5 that supports the recently released Visual Studio 2010 release candidate. You can download WiX v3.5 build 3.5.1419.0 or higher and start using it with the VS 2010 release candidate. There are a couple of notes to…


A simpler way to add Windows Installer major upgrade functionality to your MSI in WiX v3.5

Bob Arnson has been working on some simplifications to the WiX language in WiX v3.5, and he has posted some introductory information about a couple of these changes on his blog.  I wanted to link to them here to hopefully help raise visibility for these simplifications: Simplified Windows Installer major upgrade authoring Simplified Component authoring…


WiX v3.5 now includes support for Visual Studio 2010 beta 2

As previously posted on Rob Mensching’s blog and Bob Arnson’s blog, builds of WiX v3.5 starting with the 3.5.1030.0 build include support for Visual Studio 2010 beta 2.  Here are some highlights: Extension Manager integration – you can download and install WiX v3.5 directly from within the VS 2010 IDE; to do this, launch VS…


Link to information about upgrading WiX v2.0 projects to WiX v3.0

Now that WiX v3.0 has officially released, you may want to start looking at upgrading your existing setup authoring from WiX v2.0 to WiX v3.0 to take advantage of some of the new WiX v3.0 features.  There are some breaking changes in v3.0, so you cannot simply re-use the same WiX source files from v2.0…


Final version of WiX v3.0 now available for download

Over this past weekend, the 3.0.5419 build of WiX v3.0 was declared the final production build.  If you are using any builds of WiX v3.0 for your projects, I strongly encourage you to update to the 3.0.5419 build at this time. Here is some additional information about WiX v3.0 and the final 3.0.5419 build: WiX…