.NET Framework setup verification tool, cleanup tool and detection sample code now support .NET Framework 4.6 and Windows 10

I have posted updated versions of the .NET Framework setup verification tool, the .NET Framework cleanup tool, and the sample code to detect .NET Framework install states that support detecting, verifying, and cleaning up the .NET Framework 4.6. You can find more information about how to download and use these tools at the following locations:

As always, if you run into any issues or have any feedback about these tools or samples, please let me know by posting a comment on one of my blog posts or using my blog contact form.

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  1. SteveC614 says:

    Hey Aaron,

    I'm wondering if there is an SDK package for the 4.6 Framework?  I'm trying to find the SDK package with SN.EXE and ILDASM.EXE that will work with 4.6 assemblies.

    Can you help me out?



  2. Hi SteveC614 – The .NET Framework 4.6 is pre-installed as a part of Windows 10, so the .NET Framework 4.6 tools ship in the Windows 10 SDK.  You can find more information about the Windows 10 SDK at dev.windows.com/…/windows-10-sdk.

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