Blog post about silent repair and uninstall has been updated to include information about the .NET Framework 4.5.2

I was recently asked a question about how to silently repair and uninstall the .NET Framework 4.5.2.  I couldn’t find these command lines documented anywhere else, so I updated my blog post that contains silent repair and uninstall command line switches for all versions of the .NET Framework to include information about the .NET Framework 4.5.2 too.  You can find the updated blog post at

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  1. rigg4386 says:

    Hi Aaron.  As always, great blog posts, thanks for all the help.

    This doesn't have much/anything to do with repairing/removing .NET 4.5.2 (although we may add that silently to our installer), but I can't see where else to ask:  When an .msi fails (say while it's trying to create rollback files in C:Config.msi) the user gets a "Retry" option.  But when we install silently, the user has no way to "Retry".  Do you know of a way to automatically attempt Retry for the user (perhaps programmatically or with some kind of Windows Installer Custom Actions)?

    And again, thanks.

  2. Hi rigg4386 – I don't know of any way to do that from directly within an .msi.  The solutions I've seen in the past for this type of scenario have been implemented in the calling process (such as SCCM or a setup chainer).

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