WiX v3.5 escrow build is now available to download

Rob Mensching announced on his blog last week that WiX v3.5 is now in escrow mode, which means that there were zero active bugs when the v3.5.2325 build was produced, and the final release of WiX v3.5 will be happening very soon.  If no showstopper bugs are found and fixed, this build will be the final build of WiX v3.5.

If you are using WiX to create Windows Installer packages for your products, I strongly encourage you to upgrade to this build of WiX v3.5 and help the WiX virtual team validate that this build is ready to be declared the final WiX v3.5 build.  Here are a couple of links to help get you started:

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  1. ArthurZ says:

    Is there a GUI for Wix already?

  2. Hi ArthurZ – The WiX toolset includes Votive, which is a Visual Studio package that lets you create and build WiX projects in the VS IDE.  You can see more information about Votive at wix.sourceforge.net/votive.html.  Votive does not include visual designers for creating installers though, so you will still need to author some XML when using Votive.

  3. ArthurZ says:

    The "visual designers for creating installers" is exactly the kind of a tool I actually lack.

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