How to reset the default deployment target in Windows Phone Developer Tools to the emulator

A few folks have noticed that after uninstalling pre-release builds of the Windows Phone Developer Tools and installing the final release, the default value for the deployment dropdown for Silverlight and XNA Game Studio 4.0 Windows Phone projects is the device instead of the emulator.  The default value is supposed to be set to the emulator in all cases, but in some cases, uninstalling previous builds of WPDT leaves behind some information that causes the default value to be reversed.  If you run into this, you can reset it by doing the following:

  1. Close any instances of the emulator and Visual Studio 2010 that are running on your computer
  2. Delete the folder named “%LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Phone Tools”
  3. Re-start Visual Studio 2010
Comments (4)
  1. Alexander says:

    Thank you, man!

  2. Mike says:

    I just spent 2 hours trying to figure this out thanks

  3. Joel says:

    This problem confused me for hours,Thansk very much!

  4. Sebastian says:

    This worked for VS2013 as well.

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