Link to a survey about the .NET Framework 4 setup and deployment experience

Peter Marcu has posted a new survey on his blog that I wanted to link to here in order to try to help him get more responses.  He's looking for feedback about changes made to the setup and deployment experience for the .NET Framework 4 to help determine how to continue to improve the experience in future versions of the .NET Framework.

If you are a developer working on the deployment of applications that require the .NET Framework, I encourage you to check out his blog post at and post comments there or send him an email to share your experiences and suggestions for improvements.

Comments (2)

  1. Mack says:

    Can't download and install Net framework 4 on windows 7 64 bit keep getting error message 00000643. Tried to get the msicuu2.exe file but not available for download. What Next?

  2. Hi Mack – Can you please use the tool described at…/6458047.aspx to collect all of your .NET Framework setup log files, then upload the file named that is created by this tool to a file server (such as, then reply back here with a link I can use to download the log files and take a further look to see if I can figure out what is causing this setup failure on your computer?

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