Possible issues uninstalling the Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP Refresh and installing the RTW version

Note - I originally wrote this blog post when the Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta was released, but the information is also useful when trying to install the RTW version.  I'm going to update some of the links from this post to point to the WPDT RTW version instead of the beta version.

As noted in my previous blog post, the Windows Phone Developer Tools RTW was released recently.  Since the RTW version was released, we’ve heard from some people who have had problems uninstalling the previous WPDT CTP builds from their computer in order to be able to install the RTW version.  There are 2 specific types of issues that I’ve seen, so I want to describe each of them in a bit more detail in case anyone reading my blog in the future runs into similar problems.

Issue 1 – WPDT CTP uninstall will not proceed due to missing components

In this scenario, the WPDT CTP or CTP Refresh uninstall process detects that some optional components (Silverlight 4 Tools, XNA Game Studio 4.0 and/or XNA Game Studio 4.0 Windows Phone Extensions) are not present, and it forces you to re-install those components before being allowed to uninstall the WPDT CTP.

In most cases, you can simply allow setup to re-download and re-install the missing components, then run setup again and uninstall the CTP.  The steps to accomplish this are documented in this blog post.  This post describes CTP uninstall, but equivalent steps can be used for CTP Refresh uninstall as well.

Sometimes, the re-download and re-install of these components can also fail.  If you encounter this type of failure, you can download the XNA Game Studio cleanup tool and choose the option in that tool to uninstall the Windows Phone Developer Tools as a last resort.  After the uninstall completes, you can proceed with the installation of the WPDT RTW.

Note – the underlying problem with WPDT setup that causes it to force you to re-install components in order to uninstall the product is a known bug that existed in the CTP and CTP Refresh and has been fixed in the Beta and in the RTW version.  However, since the bug was present in the CTP Refresh, it still impacts scenarios where you try to uninstall the CTP Refresh in order to move forward to RTW.  You should not see this type of issue when uninstalling the Beta or RTW versions of WPDT.

Issue 2 – WPDT RTW install will not proceed because of incompatible components

In this scenario, the WPDT RTW setup process blocks you from installing because it detects that incompatible components are still installed on your computer.  In some cases, this can happen even after uninstalling the CTP builds as described above in Issue 1.

I use the steps like the following to diagnose and resolve this issue:

  1. Open the file %temp%\dd_install_vm_xcor_100.txt and determine the exact components that WPDT setup has identified as incompatible.  The incompatible products will generate log file entries like the following:

    [07/12/10,10:49:40] VS Scenario: ***ERRORLOG EVENT*** : Error: CVSScenario::ExecuteEachBlocker returned false
    [07/12/10,10:49:40] Setup.exe: AddGlobalCustomProperty
    [07/12/10,10:49:40] VS Scenario: ***ERRORLOG EVENT*** : Error:There is a blocking condition met, the installer is blocking because of Section :
    [07/12/10,10:49:40] Setup.exe: AddGlobalCustomProperty
    [07/12/10,10:49:40] VS Scenario: ***ERRORLOG EVENT*** : Microsoft Visual C# Express 2010

  2. Look in the WPDT setup data file named blocker.sdb to determine the exact registry key that is being used to detect each incompatible product.  Blocker.sdb is located in the vm_web.exe self-extracting setup package, and I have posted an extracted copy at this location.  For the product in the above example, the information in blocker.sdb looks like the following:

    [Microsoft Visual C# Express 2010]

    This means that setup will block if the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DevDiv\vcs\Servicing\10.0\xcor@Version exists and the value is less than 30319.01.

    There is one subtle issue here - the WPDT setup is a 32-bit application, so that means that the registry location will be different on a 64-bit version of Windows.  In the example above, the registry key will be at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\DevDiv\vcs\Servicing\10.0\xcor@Version.

  3. Use the Programs and Features control panel to uninstall the product that is triggering the block.  In some cases, uninstalling the product will not remove the registry key that WPDT setup is checking for in blocker.sdb.  In those cases, you may have to manually rename or change the registry value so that the block will no longer be triggered.

If you run into WPDT CTP uninstall issues or RTW install issues that are not solved by the above suggestions, you can use the log collection tool to gather your setup log files.  This log collection tool will create a file named %temp%\vslogs.cab.  This tool does not gather XNA Game Studio 4.0 setup log files, so if your setup failure is caused by the XNA Game Studio 4.0 component, you’ll need to gather those logs separately by zipping up all of the logs in the folder named %temp%\XNA Game Studio 4.0 Setup\Logs.  Once you have gathered your setup log files, you can upload them to a file server of your choice (such as http://skydrive.live.com), and post a link to the log files in the forums or in a comment on my blog to get additional support.

<update date="7/13/2010"> Updated the link for uninstall steps to point at a new CTP Refresh-specific blog post instead of the old MIX CTP blog post. </update>

 <update date="7/14/2010"> Added a note about where to find the blocking registry keys on 64-bit versions of Windows. </update>

 <update date="10/14/2010"> Updated the post to refer to WPDT RTW instead of the WPDT beta. </update>


Comments (9)

  1. Evgheniy says:

    Looking forward for the article 'Possible issues RUNNING the Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta'…

    After doing all those manipulations

    1. Using 'xnags_cleanup_tool'

    2. Removing registry keys, listed in 'WPDT_Beta_Blocker.sdb' that conflict with Beta installation.

    3. Finally installing Beta….

    I've got into an issue with Device emulator, that makes all phone suite unusable. After compiling sample project and trying to publish it, visual studio shows the following error:

    The configuration data for this product is corrupt. Contact your support personnel.

    The same error is displayed in 'XAP Deployment' tool in Status field.

    Full beta uninstall + reboot + full install does not resolve the issue.

  2. Artii says:

    While trying to install the beta tools i accidentally did a half install on xna 4.0 now i cant seem to uninstall it in any way  help would be much appreciated  

  3. hchwa says:

    same exact issue as Evgheniy…

  4. Evgheniy says:

    Here I gave more details. social.msdn.microsoft.com/…/c4754ebd-f688-4c33-972a-a578b9db12ff

    Emulator can be launched, but not from XAP Deployment or Visual Studio.

    Like this "C:Program FilesMicrosoft XDE1.0XDE.exe" "C:Program FilesMicrosoft SDKsWindows Phonev7.0EmulationImagesWM70C1.bin" /VMID {E575DA31-FC47-4766-853F-018D823B9EE6}

    Suggestion about uninstalling and reinstalling Windows Phone Emulator does not work. I've done it 10 times.

  5. Hi Evgheniy and Hchwa – Can you please try the following to see if it helps resolve the emulator launch error that you're seeing:

    1.  Close Visual Studio

    2.  Delete the following folders – %LocalAppData%MicrosoftPhone Tools and %ProgramData%MicrosoftXDE

    3.  Re-open Visual Studio again and try to deploy to the emulator

    If this doesn't help, then I'd suggest posting a question on the Windows Phone forums at social.msdn.microsoft.com/…/windowsphone to see if someone there is able to provide some additional suggestions for you to try.

  6. Hi Artii – I'm not sure how you would have gotten a half of an install of XNA Game Studio 4.0.  I'd suggest trying to use the XNA Game Studio cleanup tool at blogs.msdn.com/…/9544320.aspx to remove the Windows Phone Developer Tools (this will also remove XNA Game Studio 4.0 components that are installed on your system).  After doing that, please try to install the WPDT beta again.

  7. pocketMax says:

    After upgrading from CTP to beta I could no longer access the Project Properties in Visual Studio 2005 and received following error message

    "The Windows Forms Designer Package ({7494682B-37A0-11D2-A273-00C04F8EF4FF}) did not load because of previous errors."

    The fix was to run the following from command prompt:

    devenv /resetskippkgs  

  8. Artii says:

    Well the lights in the house went out so i figured that the install didnt finish as intended and i used the cleanup tools and now all the components of the beta have been installed except the xna ones

  9. Hi Artii – Yeah, I can see how a power failure during installation could cause issues.  Did it help to run the cleanup tool and re-install?  If not, it might also help to run the WPDT Beta setup again and choose the option named Install Optional Components and try to re-install XNA Game Studio 4.0 that way.

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