Offline install options for the Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP Refresh

I have heard from a few folks who have had trouble getting the web download bootstrapper for the Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP Refresh working correctly in their network environment.  Unfortunately, the CTP Refresh only ships as a web download bootstrapper and not as a full install package that can be downloaded as a single package and installed offline without requiring Internet connectivity.  However, there are a couple of options that can be used as workarounds in case you run into problems with the web download bootstrapper:

  1. A customer created a full install ISO file for the WPDT CTP Refresh that can be burned to a CD and installed offline.  You can find more information in this blog post.

  2. You can use information in the setup data files for the WPDT CTP Refresh to assemble your own network install layout.  The instructions in this blog post are from the Visual Studio 2008 Express Editions, but the same type of technique will also work for the WPDT CTP Refresh because it uses the same installation engine as the other editions of Visual Studio.
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