WiX v3.5 now includes support for the Visual Studio 2010 release candidate

Rob Mensching posted an announcement on his blog this week about the availability of a build of WiX v3.5 that supports the recently released Visual Studio 2010 release candidate.

You can download WiX v3.5 build 3.5.1419.0 or higher and start using it with the VS 2010 release candidate.

There are a couple of notes to keep in mind as well:

  • Now that WiX v3.5 supports the VS 2010 RC starting in build 3.5.1419, these builds will no longer support older beta versions of VS 2010.  If you switch to this build of WiX v3.5 or higher, make sure that you also switch to the VS 2010 RC if you haven’t yet or you will not be able to use the Votive VS add-in.
  • Only VS 2010 has declared a release candidate.  WiX v3.5 is still in beta.  If you encounter any bugs with these new features or have suggestions for improvements, please report them on the WiX bug reporting site or the WiX feature request site.  If you have any questions about using these new features or about WiX in general, I encourage you to use the WiX mailing lists.
Comments (4)

  1. brandontyler says:

    Thanks Aaron.  Ok, so I have the VS 2010 RC and the latest wix binaries.  How do I install Votive VS?

  2. Hi Brandontyler – All you need to do to install Votive is to make sure that you have the Visual Studio 2010 RC installed first, then install Wix35.msi (or Wix35_x64.msi for 64-bit) from http://wix.sourceforge.net/releases/3.5.1419.0/.  This MSI will install the core WiX toolset, and it will also install Votive as long as you had a Visual Studio version installed before you ran the MSI.

  3. Dave says:

    Just tried isntalling v3.6.905.0 and for an isntaller package of an isntaller this should be embarrassing!#$@!# THe .msi file complains about the wix36.cab file missing and fails and the exe version has a horrible ugly install screen and when you click install it just runs and runs and does nothing…

  4. Hi Dave – I'm sorry for the bad experience here.  WiX v3.6 is still undergoing a lot of development work, and you may run into bugs with the weekly builds while development is still happening.  If you have a chance, can you please report a bug about this issue on the WiX bug reporting site at sourceforge.net/tracker

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