Link to details about sound effect API changes in XNA Game Studio 3.1

One of my colleagues, Ashu Tatake, started a blog last week.  This week he wrote a helpful post about updates in the XNA Framework sound effect APIs in XNA Game Studio 3.1, so I wanted to link to it here to help more people find it.

As Shawn Hargreaves described in this blog post, we made some changes in XNA Game Studio 3.1 to fix some issues we discovered with the sound effect APIs originally introduced in XNA Game Studio 3.0.  Shawn’s post describes the scenarios, the problems we found with the 3.0 APIs, and an overview of the changes.

Ashu follows that up by providing more detailed information about how to migrate existing 3.0 code to 3.1.  If you have any XNA Game Studio 3.0 projects that use sound effect APIs and are planning to upgrade the projects to 3.1, I encourage you to check out Ashu’s blog post for more details about how to identify which audio playback scenarios are most appropriate for your game and how to update your code to adjust for the breaking changes in the sound effect APIs in 3.1.

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