Links to download language packs for the .NET Framework 2.0 SP1, 3.0 SP1 and 3.5

Yesterday, I wrote a blog post that included a series of links for .NET Framework 3.5 language packs.  There are also standalone language packs for the .NET Framework 2.0 SP1 and the .NET Framework 3.0 SP1, so I wanted to supplement that post with a full set of links for the various language packs that are a part of the .NET Framework 3.5 product family:

All of the above download pages also now offer an English language choice in the language selection drop down.  There are not English language packs for the .NET Framework because the core packages include English strings.  However, the English option for the language packs can be useful because it allows you to read the text of the download page if you do not understand any of the non-English languages that are available for download.

Also note that the .NET Framework 3.5 language pack setup packages include the .NET Framework 2.0 SP1 language pack and .NET Framework 3.0 SP1 and install them as prerequisites if they are not already installed on the system.

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