Mailbag: Where are the download locations for .NET Framework 3.5 language packs?


I am working on creating an installable layout for the .NET Framework 3.5 that includes language packs, and I am using the instructions in this previous blog post that you wrote.  However, I have had trouble finding the download locations for the .NET Framework 3.5 language pack setup packages.  Where can I download those from?


.NET Framework 3.5 language packs are currently available at the following locations for the following languages:

Each of the links above can be accessed by going to the same base download page on the Microsoft Download Center and passing in the specific culture value as a part of the URL.  For example, the .NET Framework 3.5 French language pack link is the following:

You can change the value of the displaylang variable in this URL to one of the values listed next to the language names in the list above in order to create the URL for any of the other versions of the .NET Framework 3.5 language pack.  For example, the value listed next to the Italian language above is "it," so the URL would look like the following:

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  1. Yesterday, I wrote a blog post that included a series of links for .NET Framework 3.5 language packs.

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