XNA Game Studio 2.0 product feedback survey now available on the Connect site

The XNA team has published a new survey on the Connect site to gather feedback about the XNA Game Studio 2.0 product.  The answers to this survey will be used to help guide the team as it makes plans for the future of the XNA Game Studio product line.  If you are an experienced XNA Game Studio user or even if you are holding off on trying XNA Game Studio for one reason or another, we encourage you to visit the site and take the survey.  You can find the survey at this link:


A couple of important notes about this survey:

  • The survey will only be available until next Wednesday, January 30, so please visit the site and fill out the survey while it is still available.
  • The Connect site will require you to log on with a Windows LIVE ID in order to view the survey.  Please let us know on the Creators Club forums if you have any trouble accessing the survey page.
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