Link to Channel9 video about Windows Installer application compatibility issues on Windows Vista

A new Channel9 video has been posted that I wanted to link to here.  The video is located at, and in it, Robert Flaming discusses application compatibility issues that can affect Windows Installer-based setups on Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.

If you are a setup developer and will be targeting Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 for your MSI-based setup, I encourage you to check out this video.

One of the key application compatibility challenges that Robert discusses in this video is how to author custom actions that will interact correctly with UAC on Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.  Robert has written a series of blog posts that contain much more detail about how Windows Installer interacts with UAC, and I encourage you to also review these posts if you are creating MSIs that will install on Windows Vista and/or Windows Server 2008.

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  1. Christopher Painter says:

    I started watching the video and one of the first things that Robert states is that as part of "windows increasing it’s investment in windows installer going forward" is that the windows server logo has a requirement for MSI for the first time.

    The last memo that I recieved ( and the latest logo spec that I’ve downloaded ) states that it is optional, not required.

    "It is optional and recommended that application use the Windows Installer (MSI) or ClickOnce for installation."

    Has this changed?

  2. zhakim says:

    Hello Christopher,

    I checked with my logo contacts inside the Windows product team and your information is correct.  

    I’ve posted an apology for my mistake and bit of my background working with Logo.

    Thanks for your keen eye and patience,


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