Votive in WiX v3.0 now supports Visual Studio 2008

Since Visual Studio 2008 shipped last November, I have been asked a few times via my blog about if/when the Votive Visual Studio add-in that is a part of the WiX toolset will support integrating into VS 2008.  It was not very well publicized initially, but the version of Votive included with WiX v3.0 has supported integrating into VS 2008 since the VS 2008 beta 2 timeframe.  Specifically, this has been available since the 3.0.3328.0 build of WiX v3.0 on SourceForge.  The version of Votive in builds between 3.0.3328.0 and 3.0.3621.0 were built using the beta 2 version of VS 2008 and the August 2007 CTP of the VS 2008 SDK.  However, those builds of Votive will work correctly when installed on a system that has the final release of VS 2008 installed as well as systems that have VS 2008 beta 2 installed.

Votive in WiX v3.0 has also recently been updated to build with the final release of VS 2008 and the VS 2008 SDK.  Builds starting with the 3.0.3621.0 build on the WiX releases page contain these changes.  An announcement was also added to the front page of the WiX SourceForge site about Votive support for VS 2008.  That announcement states that builds starting with 3.0.3607.0 contain these Votive build changes, but that build number is slightly incorrect because of some issues related to porting the changes into the source tree available on SourceForge.

One of the nice things about Votive in Visual Studio 2008 is that you no longer have to install ProjectAggregator2.msi prior to installing wix3.msi in order to be able to install and use Votive in the Visual Studio 2008 IDE.  You can simply install VS 2008 standard edition or higher, then install wix3.msi and you're ready to launch the VS IDE and create WiX projects using the Votive add-in.

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  1. dmuri says:

    The fact that ProjectAggregator2.msi is not required anymore doesn’t fix the Project Save error described here:


    The exact error message I am getting is: "The operation could not be completed.  No such interface supported."

    I’ve been having this issue for some time, for the moment I enable the "Save

    new projects when created" in my VS Options when I need to create a new Wix project.

    I am getting this problem with VS 2005 RTM/SP1 and VS 2008 RTM on Windows XP 32-bit.

    Do you have any idea where this error is coming from?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi DMurillo – I’m able to reproduce this issue as well, and it doesn’t appear related to ProjectAggregator2.  This looks like a separate bug somewhere in the Votive package.  I’ll see if I can track down more information about why this is happening and what our options are for fixing it.

  3. I'm back from holiday with over 1000 feeds to read. I also got my new gigabit router today. Heard

  4. dmuri says:

    Hi Aaron,

    Just installed Wix 3.0.4014.0 and I’m still getting the error… have you had time to find more information about it?


  5. Hi DMurillo – If you are you referring to the project save error described in http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&atid=642714&aid=1613071&group_id=105970, that bug is still active and has not been fixed, so it will still occur in recent builds of WiX v3.0.  I talked to a friend who helped narrow down what needs to be done to fix it, but none of the WiX volunteer developers has yet had time to implement and test the fix in the Votive source code.

    For now, you should be able to use the workaround of unchecking the "save new projects when created" option in your VS settings.

    Since WiX is an open source project, you are also welcome to grab the source code, make the fix and submit it back for the community to use if you have a chance.

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