Links to Visual Studio 2008 setup known issues and troubleshooting information

There are a couple of links that I want to post here in the hopes of making them easier to find for anyone reading my blog and searching for information about Visual Studio 2008 installation issues.  Both links contain descriptions of known installation issues and possible options that can be used to work around them.

VS 2008 Readme Files

Several known installation issues and workarounds are described in more detail in the Visual Studio 2008 readme.  This readme is located at

The following additional readme files may be useful depending on what version of VS 2008 you are attempting to install:

VS 2008 Troubleshooting Guide blog post

In order to supplement the content in the readme, a colleague recently created a blog post that is being used to summarize some additional known issues that can be encountered while installing Visual Studio 2008 and steps that can be used to work around them.  If you are encountering VS 2008 installation issues and did not find any useful information in the readme, I encourage you to also check out the Visual Studio 2008 Troubleshooting Guide blog post at

<update date="1/3/2008"> Added links to VS 2008 Express Edition and MSDN readme files </update>


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  1. enelou says:

    I will be very happy if you have some ideas how to solve this problem.

    The thing is that the signatures of some cab files of visual studio 2008 setup are sometimes verified and sometimes not. And in evry try the installation fails becouse of an invalid signature of different cab.  I already tried to copy the installation on the HD but there aren’t any changes. The same DVD installs VS2008 on two other pc’s without problems.

    I’ve noticed that the smaller cab files are more likely to be verified than the larger ones.

    What could be the problem?

  2. Hi Enelou – If this issue is only happening on a single computer and not on all of your computers, then it is possible that it is some kind of hardware problem with this one computer.  In the past, I’ve seen the following steps be helpful in this type of scenario so you may want to try them too:

    1.  Carefully clean off the back of the DVD in case there are any smudges, scratches, etc

    2.  Update the firmware/drivers for the DVD-ROM drive on your system

    3.  Try to install again

    Alternatively, you could try to put the DVD into the DVD-ROM drive on another computer on your network, then share out that DVD-ROM drive and attempt to install on this computer from this shared drive to see if that eliminates the 1330 cab signature errors.

  3. enelou says:

    Thank you for your suggestion Aaron, but i already tried to install from shared drive. No changes :(… and when i share the instalation files from the problematic pc, the other pc doesn’t have any problem with error 1330 :). I have no more ideas..

  4. Hi Enelou – Since this also happens from a network share, it doesn’t sound related to the DVD-ROM drivers/firmware.  It is possible that there is something wrong with the part of Windows that does signature verification or something like that.  You may want to try to run sfc /scannow to see if it shows any errors on that problematic computer.

    If that also doesn’t help, then I’d suggest reporting this as a bug on the Connect site at and hopefully someone there will be able to help troubleshoot this further.

    You may also want to contact Microsoft Technical Support for more in-depth troubleshooting as well.  You can find contact information for them at

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