Link to feedback request for Visual Studio installation and deployment scenarios

Aaron Ruckman has posted a request for feedback on his blog at  He is looking for feedback regarding installation and deployment scenarios for Visual Studio in order to help make deployment scenarios for future versions of Visual Studio as useful as possible.

If you have feedback regarding the Visual Studio installation and/or deployment experience, I encourage you to take a look at the information in this blog post and provide your feedback in the form of an email to Aaron (his email address is in the text of the blog post) and/or comments on the blog post itself.  When possible, please include suggestions for improvements if you can think of any for the scenarios you are interested in.  Bug reports are useful too, but I also encourage you to report specific bugs on the Visual Studio bug reporting site and not only report them via email or comments on Aaron's blog post.

Comments (2)

  1. aaronru says:

    I am especially interested in the follwoing:

    Have you installed any applications recently, which had a cool install experience?

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