October 2007 Cumulative Update for Media Center for Windows Vista available for download

A new cumulative update package for Windows Vista Media Center has been released this week.  This update is called the October 2007 Cumulative Update for Media Center for Windows Vista and is also known as KB941229.  It is available for download in x86 and x64 versions.

The October 2007 Cumulative Update includes the following fixes:

  • All of the fixes previously included in the June 2007 Cumulative Update
  • An issue that affects digital cable card components when you use Scientific Atlanta cable cards
  • Interaction issues that occur between a Windows Vista Media Center PC and an Xbox 360 that is being used as a Media Center extender
  • Autolaunch issues that can occur with video CD (VCD) media 
  • Several bug fixes for the Media Center platform to help Media Center applications (in addition to the ones previously available in the June 2007 Cumulative Update)

Here are some links for the October 2007 Cumulative Update:

In addition, there are 3 other cumulative updates being released for Windows Vista at the same time as the October 2007 Cumulative Update for Media Center.  They help address issues reported by customers related to reliability, compatibility, stability, security and performance of various features in Windows Vista.  The following links contain more information about the fixes included in each of these additional updates and allow you to directly download and install them if you choose to:

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  1. byersjus says:

    Anyone else’s Live TV start to glitch after this update? I uninstalled and Live TV went back to working properly. Sounds a lot like this issue:


    I have an AMD Dual-core too. Can’t find a solution yet as the problem is only as new as this update.

  2. Hi Byersjus – I haven’t heard of any specific issues with TV glitching only after installing this update.  Since it appears specific to installing this update, I don’t think it is the same as the AMD64 dual-core issue in that link you listed.

    I’d suggest posting this information at the following locations to see if anyone else is having similar experiences:



  3. Arby says:

    It appears that me and many other people have a problem with Vista Media Center.

    I bought my HD media Center Laptop in Sep 07 and enjoyed the ability to record and view programs while working in my office.

    However, since mid-November, I have been unable to run Media Center, I get a message that Media Center has stopped working.

    It appears to get the Guide when I first logon and if I am not connected to the web, I get error messages when it tries to record a program.

    I have done anything and everything to correct this situation: thegreenbutton fixes, various blogs with numerous other disgruntled Microsoft customers who have the same problem. Searching the microsoft.com website has, after many deadends, gotten me here.

    Is there a systemic problem with Vista and Media Center or any updates that cused this situation to happen? Any know solutions?

  4. Hi Arby – I haven’t heard of an issue like this reported for Windows Vista Media Center until now.  What are the exact error messages you see in this scenario?  Is there any descriptive text in the file %windir%ehomeehshell.crash or in the event log on your system that might help narrow down this problem further?

    I’d also suggest posting a question at one of the following locations and hopefully someone there might be able to suggest some workarounds for you to try:



    In addition, you can try to contact Microsoft Technical Support for more in-depth troubleshooting.  There is contact information at http://support.microsoft.com.

    I’m sorry I’m not able to be more helpful in this scenario.

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