Possible cause of Windows – No Disk error during VS 2008 beta 2 setup

We have seen a few cases where running Visual Studio 2008 beta 2 setup will cause an error dialog to appear when the setup UI initializes.  The dialog has the title Windows - No Disk and has Cancel, Try Again and Continue buttons, and looks something like the following:

The systems we have seen this error on so far have had a USB card reader attached that caused one or more unmounted drive letters to appear in Windows Explorer.

It is possible to workaround this issue in one of 2 ways:

  1. Canceling VS setup, temporarily disabling or removing the USB card reader from your system and then re-running VS setup
  2. Pressing Continue one or more times (depending on how many unmounted drive letters appear on the computer) will allow setup to continue to load correctly
Comments (2)

  1. Tim Owers says:

    Aaron, does this error come from the MSI or bootstrap?

  2. Hi Tim – This error comes from the setup bootstrapper when it tries to enumerate drive letters on the system for costing purposes.  You will not see this if you run the MSI(s) directly.

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