Link to information about configuring Software Explorer on Windows Vista

I noticed an interesting post on the Windows Installer team blog that I wanted to draw some more attention to.  The post, located at, explains how to customize the view presented by Software Explorer (the Windows Vista replacement for the Add/Remove Programs control panel applet).  It also lists Windows Installer properties that can be used to configure what information appears in Software Explorer when installing an MSI-based application.

This information is useful if you are creating an MSI-based setup and want to better understand what happens behind the scenes when Software Explorer displays application information.  I encourage you to check out the post to learn more about Software Explorer and how MSIs can be configured for various display options available in Software Explorer.

Comments (2)

  1. Software Explorer?  I thought it was called Programs and Features.  Why have two names for the same thing?  I think Microsoft’s got too many cooks in the kitchen and it is far from helpful.

  2. Hi Severud – The official name of the application is Software Explorer, and there are several entry points to the application, including the Programs and Features control panel item.  I agree that this terminology can be confusing, and I’m sorry for the confusion that this has caused for you and others.

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