You can now boot an Xbox 360 directly into Media Center

I just noticed blog posts from Michael Creasy and Ian Dixon that I want to make sure everyone notices.  If you have an Xbox 360 that you are using as a Media Center extender, once you install the Xbox Spring 2007 Dashboard Update, you will be able to configure your Xbox 360 to boot directly to your Media Center.

To access this new setting, go to the Xbox Dashboard, then the System tab.  Under Console Settings, select Startup, and you will now see 3 options:  Disc, Xbox Dashboard and Media Center.

If you use your Xbox 360 primarily as a Media Center extender, this might be a really useful option for you to try out.

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  1. says:

    I haven’t updated my Xbox 360 yet, but hopefully this update, or a future update, would let you adjust the amount of time that the Xbox will wait during a period of no use before powering off.  I think the auto power off feature is currently 4 hours or disabled.  I would like to set it to be 1 hour.

    That way it won’t be running all night when I fall asleep watching something.  I use it as an extender in my bedroom, hooked up to a LCD monitor which doesn’t offer a "sleep timer" functionality.  My other alternative to buy a real TV and hook the Xbox up to that, but a hopefully software update could save me from that.  🙂  As well as saving me power from having the Xbox unnecessarily run for hours.

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