New hotfix available for Update Rollup 2 for Media Center 2005 – October 2006 rollup

Today is the day for the monthly release of new Windows hotfix packages and updates, and there is a new Windows Media Center hotfix that has been released today that I want to draw your attention to:

October 2006 Update Rollup for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 (KB925766)

This package includes all previous hotfixes issued for Update Rollup 2 for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 and also addresses some other bugs that have not been fixed by previous hotfixes.

This package will be offered as a recommended update if you visit Windows Update on a Windows XP Media Center 2005 system that has Update Rollup 2 installed.  Also, you can download it directly from this location.

This package includes the following fixes in addition to all previously released fixes. There is more detail about each of these fixes in the knowledge base article for this hotfix:

  • A race condition can occur after you install Microsoft Windows Media Player 11 that causes loss of licenses for protected TV content.  If this happens, it causes TV programs to only play for up to three days.
  • When you scan for services, a connected Italian (Rome) 810 megahertz (MHz) version of MUX is not found.
  • Compatibility fixes for certain third-party audio stream plug-ins.

Update Rollup 2 is a prerequisite for this package, and this package supercedes the July 2006 Update Rollup (KB919803), the April 2006 Update Rollup (KB914548), the January 2006 Update Rollup (KB912067) and the October 2005 Update Rollup (KB908250).

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  1. gbadman says:

    Do you know if the cannot schedule recording because guide data cannot be accessed problem which Peter Rosser covers in his blog article here – is fixed in this rollup, or if not, if there is any schduled date for a fix?

  2. Hi GBadman – Unfortunately, the issue described in Peter’s blog post has not been fixed in any of the hotfix packages for Update Rollup 2.  That means you will need to use a workaround like the one he described in his blog post.  This issue has been fixed in Windows Media Center for Windows Vista.  I’m very sorry for the inconvenience that this issue has caused.

  3. jazzyjez says:

    Hi have followed all the instructions in this blog but still getting the common rutime error in error in ehExtHost.exe common language runtime debugging services.

    All the required services are running updates installed etc this is after a fresh restore, the pc is an HP M7590.

    Any ideas on how I can get round this annoying bug?


  4. jazzyjez says:

    Hi just done a fresh restore for various reasons and am still getting the ‘error in ehExtHost.exe common language runtime debugging services’ message have checked the necessary services and they are all running ok, is there are anything else I can to stop this annoying message?


  5. Hi Jazzyjez – Normally, a crash in ehExtHost means that a Media Center add-in that is installed on your system is crashing.  Do you have any Media Center add-ins installed, and if so can you try to remove them one by one to see if you can narrow down which one is causing this crash?  Also, does Media Center function correctly after that crash dialog appears?

  6. jazzyjez says:

    For the most part yes although I sometimes get other similar errors. Is there a list of add ins taht you know of that run on this system so I can try running them. The thing is when I first did the restore this problem did not occur.

    Just a very odd problem indeed


  7. jazzyjez says:

    More info – I rebootedand stopped diabled everything msconfig then startup from loading and still got the error.

  8. Hi Jazzyjez – You can find a list of add-ins by going to Settings | General | More Programs Options and choosing Edit More Programs.  That will give you an idea of what you have installed.  The only way I know of to narrow down this issue is to try to individually uninstall add-ins and see if the crash goes away.

  9. jazzyjez says:

    Hi Aaron found it! It was the Symantec add in that was causing the probs, when I first restored the system one of the first things i do is use symantecs tool ro remove their Internet Security suite as I use an alternative. I reinstalled the symantec and hey presto media center problem disappears.

    Many thanks to yourself and Aaron Stebner for helping me to track and crack this one.

    Thanks a bunch

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