How to directly launch a Windows Media Center application from Visual Studio 2005

I wrote this post on the Media Center Sandbox blog earlier tonight that I wanted to link to here as well in order to improve discoverability.

In this post, I describe a set of steps that caon be used to modify the configuration for a Windows Media Center Presentation Layer Application (created from the project templates installed as part of the Windows Media Center SDK for Windows Vista) so that you can register and launch the application directly within Windows Media Center when you press F5 in the Visual Studio IDE.  I have found this type of configuration useful because it saves me from needing to uninstall and reinstall the application assembly to the GAC each time I rebuild it.

I encourage you to check out this post for an additional debugging option for Windows Media Center applications in Windows Vista.


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  1. derekslager says:

    Personally, I would prefer to have a start up option for adding an extra assembly load location (vs. having to GAC each time), e.g.

    %windir%ehomeehshell.exe –assemblyloadpath="%userprofile%devmcebin"

    It’s tremendously annoying having to keep an administrator console open to GAC this stuff every time I make a change.

  2. Hi Derekslager – I believe taht the /addinfallbackpath switch documented at,guid,7885ef97-d7f4-4058-b40d-53d2d7efb28c.aspx accomplishes what you are looking for here.

    Also, the instructions to modify the .csproj file to allow you to launch the Media Center application directly from Visual Studio for debugging purposes includes a step to use this /addinfallbackpath switch.

  3. derekslager says:

    Thanks Aaron, that’s exactly what I was looking for. I’m not using Visual Studio, and glancing at the article I assumed you were just explaining how to run ehome.exe and start at the GAC’ed assembly from the IDE (I missed the magical argument after /entrypoint). Thanks again!

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