MSDN Magazine article with details about new globalization features in Windows Vista

A while back, I posted an item introducing the beta version of the Microsoft Locale Builder for Windows Vista beta 2.  I just noticed that there has been a MSDN magazine article published since my previous blog post that provides a ton of in-depth information regarding new globalization features in Windows Vista.  The following topics are covered in this article:

  • Custom locales and custom cultures

  • Windows-only cultures and regions

  • How LCIDS are (or are not) used in Windows Vista

  • .NET encodings and Windows code pages

  • .NET encoding classes and Windows code page functions

  • Windows Vista and managed IDN mapping APIs

In addition, there are some screenshots of custom locales being used in the Language and Regional Options control panel and in Microsoft Outlook, and a screenshot of the Microsoft Locale Builder UI.

I encourage you to check out this article to learn more about Windows Vista globalization support features.

Thanks to Shawn Steele for sending me a link to this article.

Cool side note - the Microsoft Locale Builder ships a version of WiX that it uses to build MSIs that can be used to install the custom locales that it generates.


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