Mailbag: What is the complete list of valid language codes for Visual Studio IDE language switching?


I saw your blog post demonstrating how to enable Visual Studio IDE language switching.  That post uses examples of French and English language versions of Visual Studio.  I would like to know what the language codes are for other Visual Studio languages so I can enable IDE language switching via the /LCID command line parameter for other Visual Studio languages.


The following list represents the LCID values for the available versions of Visual Studio:

  • 1028 - Chinese (Traditional)

  • 1031 - German

  • 1033 - English

  • 1036 - French

  • 1040 - Italian

  • 1041 - Japanese

  • 1042 - Korean

  • 2052 - Chinese (Simplified)

  • 3082 - Spanish

Each of the above numerical values can be used as a parameter for the /LCID switch for the Visual Studio IDE.


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