5472.5 and 5456.5 builds of the Windows Media Center SDK are now available

I posted an item on the Media Center Sandbox site earlier today that I wanted to make sure everyone sees, so I wanted to link to it here as well.  We've released 2 new builds of the Windows Media Center SDK (builds 5456.5 and 5472.5) on the Microsoft Connect site.  These SDK builds are designed to work with Windows Vista builds 5456.5 and 5472.5, which have previously been released on the Microsoft Connect site as well.  Members of the Windows Vista beta program should have access to these builds of Windows Vista and the Windows Media Center SDK.

There is a description of some of the key changes in these new SDK builds on the Sandbox post.  Please let us know what you think about these new builds of the Windows Media Center SDK by reporting bugs and suggestions and posting comments on the Media Center development forum.


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  1. geraintj says:

    Aaron – are these builds likely to go up on MSDN Subscriber downloads or do I need some kind of invitation to participate in the Vista beta program on MS Connect> Thanks, Geraint

  2. Hi Geraintj – We publish the Windows Media Center SDK builds to the same sets of customers who have access to the builds of Windows Vista that they correspond to.  In the case of 5456.5 and 5472.5, those builds of Windows Vista are only on the Connect site, so the builds of the Media Center SDK are as well.  I’m sorry for the hassles.

  3. nojetlag says:

    5472 IS available on MSDN, however for some MSFT naming reasons it’s called July CTP. So it would be nice to have the SDK for Media Center there too 🙂

  4. Hi Nojetlag – I am asking around to see if it is still possible to post the 5472.5 build of the MCE SDK to the MSDN subscriber site.  Hopefully it will work out….

  5. nojetlag says:

    Aaron, that would be fantastic 🙂

  6. geraintj says:


  7. rboardman says:


    Do you have any update on if the 5472.5 build of the Media Center SDK will be made available to MSDN subscribers at some point? Thanks

  8. Hi Rboardman – I’m sorry for not replying here earlier.  We released the 5472.5 build of the MCE SDK late last week so it should be appearing on the MSDN Subscriber site now.  I don’t have an account to log on and verify that this has been posted correctly though.  Can you please take a look and see if you can find it?  If not, please let me know and I will follow up on my side.

  9. rboardman says:

    Thanks for the quick response Aaron, i’ve just taken a look and i can’t see it there yet.  The February CTP build is listed under the SDK section and there is currently no build listed in the July CTP section of Vista under Operating Systems.  Great to know it’s on the way though, i’ll keep my eyes peeled 🙂

  10. nojetlag says:

    It’s really a pitty and sometimes makes me wonder why I do have a MSDN subscription, also the VS DB Pro CTP 5 is not on MSDN :(. Somehow the coordination between MSDN and the product teams is not as it should be for a paid subscription 🙁 Not to blame the product teams, but MSDN should get their act together.

    (Same with blogs.msdn.com, which need again a seperate login from the msdn one :(). Still hope we get a chance to play with the latest Media Center SDK 🙂

  11. Hi everyone – I apologize again for the delay in getting this build published on MSDN.  I got some help looking into this in more detail yesterday afternoon and there was something wrong on the server side that was delaying publishing.  The last word I received was that it would be published "later this week."  I have gotten access to the staging server for myself so I can verify whether or not it is published correctly.  Hopefully it will be up tomorrow.  Stay tuned….

  12. rboardman says:

    For anyone who has been following this, the July CTP of the SDK appeared on MSDN this morning.  Many Thanks to Aaron for helping to make this happen.

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