Beta version of Feature Pack 2007 for Windows XP Embedded is now available

I wanted to pass on some exciting news that was posted this morning on the Windows Embedded team blog - there is a beta version of Feature Pack 2007 for Windows XP Embedded available for download.

Andy Allred posted this blog item with more details.  There are several improvements included in Feature Pack 2007:

  • Ability to boot from a USB drive

  • New embedded enabling features (EEFs) such as a file-based write filter and a registry filter

  • Tools enhancements including support for scripting XP Embedded image build processes

  • Component refactoring for reduced image footprint

  • New macro components to make image configuration faster and more reliable

  • All previously released XP Embedded SP2 security hotfixes

  • Other bug fixes in the tools

In addition, the blog post contains instructions for how to enroll and participate in the beta program so you can download the bits.

If you are an XP Embedded developer or system builder, I strongly encourage you to check out the beta version of Feature Pack 2007 and provide feedback to the Windows Embedded team.


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