How to report bugs in the Windows Media Center SDK for Windows Vista

I just noticed that Charlie posted a really nice set of instructions for how to report bugs in the Windows Media Center SDK for Windows Vista.  If you are working on Media Center development with the public beta releases of Windows Vista and the Media Center SDK, I strongly encourage you to report bugs directly to our team using these steps.

Keep in mind that if something feels wrong, missing, incomplete, or confusing, go ahead and log a bug.  I have seen a lot of cases where a lot of people glossed over issues even if they were confusing because they thought "I must be missing something obvious."  Yes, we're getting close to locking down and getting finished with the Windows Vista release, but I still want to hear what you have to say even if it is too big and ambitious for us to get to in this release.  Thanks in advance for your feedback!

One other thing - the instructions posted by Charlie apply equally to the Media Center features in Windows Vista beta 2, and to Windows Vista itself.  The only differences would be the issue title preface, area and attachments.


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