Troubleshooting guide for Xbox 360 PC setup issues

This article is intended to serve as a central location for all links to troubleshooting documentation that I have posted so far for Xbox 360 PC setup.  As new documentation is created, I will continue to add to this article.

Resolving crashes when launching Xbox 360 PC setup

Miscellaneous information

If all else fails...

The Media Center Extender team at Microsoft regularly monitors the newsgroup named Microsoft.Public.Windows.MediaCenter to search for Xbox 360 PC setup issues.  If you run into issues installing or configuring an Xbox 360 as a Windows Media Center extender, please search that newsgroup for similar issues, and if none are found, please post a new thread there so that the team will be more likely to see the issues and respond to them in a timely manner.


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  1. I have posted a few items in the past related to the Xbox 360 PC setup package that can be used to configure…

  2. spankytheking says:


    i have a question for you and any help would be greatly appreciated. my media center crashes whenever my 360 connects to media center. ie, when media center on the 360 is running i cant open any folders without media center on the pc crashing. i thought it had to do with the recent updates of media center but i still have the problem after uninstalling the updates. any ideas????

  3. I have posted a few items related to issues I’ve seen with Xbox 360 PC setup.  Ever since I did,…

  4. Satisfy Me says:

    Over the weekend I talked about From the Expert Zone: Xbox 360 as a Media Center Extender. A quick…

  5. MattSmith says:

    Hi Aaron, I can’t install the XboxMCE5Lite-enu.exe. I am currently running XP Media Centre Edition 2005 and have updated to the Rollup 2 for the Media Centre and I have updated XP to SP3. When I try to install XboxMCE5Lite-enu, it will download but when it tries to install this following error message appears in the Media Centre screen…

    Setup Error

    There is a problem with the installation of Windows XP Media Centre Edition 2005. Uninstall the update to Media Centre Edition 2005 and then re-install the update from the Windows Update website. Then run Media Centre Extender Setup again

    Not sure what update for MCE2005 I need the un-install and re-install.

    I have looked for an exe for the MCE2005 Extender, but can’t find it anywhere.

    When I connect the Ethernet cables a message pops up saying that the "Xbox Entender is connected" and requires setup via the xbox website.

    Not sure what other info I can provide you .

    Thank you in advance

  6. Hi MattSmith – I think you may be running into an issue that is similar to the one that I described in my blog post at  Can you please take a look at that post and see if the workaround described there helps in your scenario?

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