Beta version of Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor now available

There is now a beta version of the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor available for download.  This tool can be installed and run on a Windows XP computer to assess how well the computer will run Windows Vista.  There are several categories of Windows Vista functionality that it will evaluate, and you can pick and choose the ones that are important to you.

One of those functional categories is Watch and Record TV, so you can use this tool to evaluate how well Windows Media Center PVR functionality will work on a system if you decide to upgrade it to Windows Vista.  The Upgrade Advisor also has a link to more details about Windows Media Center features in Windows Vista so you can learn more about some of the specific features in Windows Media Center in the upcoming version.


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  1. An MSI? This is as lame as the updater for the Palm Treo 700w that I blogged about several times. This should be a simple EXE, and not have an install footprint. One solution would’ve been something like my "Paint.NET 2 Go" post at if they still wanted to use HTA. With the launch condition in the MSI, they could even use sfxcab instead of IExpress.

    Why should I have to install it? Is my system going to change so much so quickly that I’ll rerun it every so often?

    If you have anything do to with this, I’d suggest a change that isn’t over-engineered to have to require and install to work correctly.

    And what’s with the condition?

    VersionNT = 501 OR VersionNT > 502

    Keep in mind that XP for x64 reports VersionNT as 502 – same major and minor versions as Win2K3. See for details.

  2. Hi Heath – I noticed that launch condition issue as well when I tried out the MSI last night.  I have sent you some contact information at your work email address for the team that created this tool and I will help you follow up with them about these issues so they can be addressed before the final version is released.

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