Windows Media Center SDK build 5365.8 now available

There is a new build of the Windows Media Center SDK available on the Microsoft Connect site this evening for folks in the Windows Vista beta program.  This build is compatible with Windows Vista 5365.8 build, which was released at the end of last week.  You can find some details about this new SDK build, which now includes source code for the Q podcast and video blog sample application, in this post on the Media Center Sandbox site.

I also want to emphasize one of the points at the bottom of that post - we want to hear about your experiences with the beta versions of the Windows Media Center SDK.  Some of the issues fixed in this build of the SDK were reported directly to us via the Media Center Sandbox forum.  Please use this forum to post questions, comments, suggestions and bugs.  Members of the Windows Vista beta program can also use the forms on the Microsoft Connect site to report bugs and suggestions directly to a Microsoft bug database.


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  1. drodrig says:

    I can’t find Media Center SDK build 5365.8 at Microsoft Connect

  2. Hi Drodrig – Here are the steps I used to find it on Connect:

    1.  Navigate to

    2.  Click on My Participation on the top left side of the page

    3.  Log on with your beta account if necessary

    4.  Select the Windows Code Name ‘Longhorn’ program from the list of beta programs and click the Windows Vista, Longhorn Server and IE 7 Beta link

    5.  Click the Downloads link on the left side of the page

    6.  Scroll to the bottom of the list of downloads

    The Media Center SDK Refresh 5365.8 item is at the very bottom, it was released on 4/25/2006.  You do need to be a member of the correct beta program (Windows Code Name ‘Longhorn’) in order to have access to this download.

  3. drodrig says:

    I seem idiot but the last item I see is 4/24/2006 Feature Focus – Live Meeting on Bitlocker (4-24-06)   Documento This package includes the PowerPoint deck and the .wmv file from today’s Live Meeting. ¿?¿?

  4. Hi Drodrig – I’m not sure what to tell you.  I see that Powerpoint deck that you are referring to, but I also see the new SDK build immediately after it.  Are you sure you are a member of the correct beta program?  What is the exact name of the beta programs that show up when you first log onto the Connect site?

  5. drodrig says:

    The exact name are:

    Windows Vista, Longhorn Server and IE 7 Beta

    and also

    Media Center Beta Program.

    I’m not sure what to think too

    Thanks for your support

  6. drodrig says:

    Sorry, I have written the site not the program. This is the program:

    "Windows "Longhorn" MVP Beta Program"

    thanks again

  7. Hi Drodrig – Could you please contact me using and send me your full name and beta ID so that we can check and see what is going on here?  According to what we’ve been able to figure out so far, this beta program should be able to view this download, so we need to try to track this down in the database using your beta name information.

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