Channel 9 video about Windows Media Center development on Windows Vista

Robert Scoble stopped by a few weeks ago and filmed a video with Charlie Owen and Mark Finocchio, and the video was posted to the Channel 9 site this past Friday night.  This video covers some interesting aspects of Windows Media Center in Windows Vista, but focuses primarily on Media Center Markup Language, the Windows Media Center Presentation Layer, and developing applications for Media Center.  The video was filmed back in January just as the February CTP build of Windows Vista was being completed, and so some of the information is a bit high-level and out of date.  I'm happy to say that we've made a lot of exciting progress in the weeks since then (such as this) to improve Media Center development and the Media Center SDK.

As an aside, the video was filmed in a demonstration room in the building that the Media Center team is located on the Microsoft campus (building 50).  The Channel 9 article and video calls this our "secret room" and Charlie mentioned in his blog that it is not really a secret, but I can say that my office is next door to this room and I was on the Media Center team for nearly a year and I didn't know that this room existed until the day that Robert filmed the video.  It was dead quiet in that room because of the extra thick walls and soundproofing on the walls and ceilings, which provided a nice contrast to the constant humming from 4 test machines in my office.  I am tempted to try to find a way to sneak back into that room with my laptop for some quiet heads-down work time.  🙂


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