Media Center guide download error code 14 caused by BladeRunner Pro

About a month ago, I received a blog comment from a customer who diagnosed and solved an issue where Media Center guide download was failing with error code 14.  Since then, a few other customers have replied to that blog comment indicating that they solved the problem the same way.  I wanted to post this item as a standalone blog post to aid searching and discoverability in case other folks run into this issue in the future as well.


Installing or uninstalling BladeRunner Pro can cause Media Center guide download to fail with error code 14.


BladeRunner Pro changes some guide download registry values, which can cause download errors in certain cases.  If you currently have BladeRunner Pro installed or recently uninstalled and are encountering guide download error code 14, the following steps may help resolve it:

  1. Rename the registry sub-hive located at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Media Center\Service\EPG

  2. Launch Media Center

  3. Go to Settings | TV | Guide and choose Setup Up Guide Listings

  4. Reconfigure guide settings - this will cause Media Center to recreate the registry sub-hive that was renamed in step 1 above


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  1. Gino says:

    Has anyone experienced this problem?

    Could you help pls?

  2. Hi Gino – I have written other blog posts about error code 13.  I encourage you to take a look at the links under the "Guide download errors" section of the article at

  3. Alexis from switzerland says:

    Thanks. You are my hero of the day.

    By the way, use Regedit.exe for the register access.

  4. Scott says:

    If you have not made any changes to your computer lately another common cause to check for which will produce guide download error 14 is having the incorrect date.

  5. CagedSilver says:

    Thanks Aaron for spending so much time collecting all these issues and resolutions.  It is helping many, many frustated people.

    I was having this problem and tried the registry EPG hive prune but it didn’t stop my error 14 and 33 errors.  With more investigation I realised that Bladerunner Pro had changed the HTTPS URL in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionMedia CenterServiceEPGdiscSvc to a file reference of file://pcName/admin$/ehome/BladeRunnerPro/Native/GetTVServiceMetaInfo.html.  2 of the 3 files in C:WindowsehomeBladeRunnerProNative also refer to admin$ too.

    I had removed the admin$ share previously for security reasons so it’s not surprising Media Centre was giving errors.  Remake the admin$ share (on c:windows) and I was able to avoid error 14 and 33s.  Similiarly if you’ve disabled file and printer sharing or have a firewall blocking that service you’ll get the errors too.

    I hope that knowledge helps a few people.  Sadly while now I no longer get the error 14 and 33s Media Centre sits endlessly on "Status: Downloading. This may take a few minutes…".  The HD LED and process list shows some activity for 10sec to start with then nothing more happens though I’ve left it more than 45min.

    Any help with this issue would be appreciated.

  6. philaulait says:

    i have exactly the same problem as CagedSilver. got stuck with the "Downloading . this may take a few minutes ……" process.

    any help would be appreciated. thx !

    I also encountered code error 14 before but i got away with it by turning off my internet security software.

  7. seriald says:

    I just installed Vista RC1 and am getting Error 14 when I try to setup the EPG, is this problem still an on-going issue?

  8. Hi Seriald – Error code 14 is a general HTTPS connectivity error.  There are a lot of possible causes, so yes, it is possible that you will hit this on Windows Vista in addition to Windows XP Media Center Edition, depending on your network and proxy server configurations.

  9. This article serves as a central location for all links to troubleshooting documentation that has been

  10. bigasterix says:

    I have same problem, it’s problem with share.

    if you try \yourcomputernameadmin$ and have error "you don’t … ", try use NET SHARE admin$. Restart MCE and try again Media Center guide download. Done.:-}

  11. chaltan says:

    System or BIOS clock are not the culprits?

    "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionMedia CenterServiceEPGdiscSVC" is showing the correct address?

    Check the default shares. Eg. In IE address, \pc_namec$ or \pc_nameadmin$

    Replace pc_name with the name of your pc. (Not sure what’s the name of your pc? Use run "hostname" in a DOS window)

    If you cannot access the shares, check with "net share". C$, ADMIN$, IPC$ are all listed?

    Then this might be the solution:

    Check Systems log in Event Viewer. See if you get event 2011.

    "The server’s configuration parameter "irpstacksize" is too small for the server to use a local device.  Please increase the value of this parameter."

    I search MS KBase articles for "IRPStackSize" and created a key with value 15 (hex) in my MCE2005.

    My MCE TV Guide is working now.

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