Getting started with Media Center development with the Windows Vista February CTP

The Windows Vista February 2006 community technology preview (CTP) is now available, and with it comes a version of the Media Center SDK that contains tools and samples that you can use to get started developing Media Center add-ins using the new Media Center Presentation Layer and Media Center Markup Language.

You can check out these instructions that will walk you though the end to end process of downloading the Vista February CTP, the Media Center SDK February CTP, and installing and configuring both on your computer so you can start developing Media Center applications using this new technology.

Also, Charlie Owen posted some details and screenshots of the tools and samples that I encourage you to take a look at.  Hopefully reading this will get you as excited as I am about the platform enhancements that will be available to developers in Media Center for Windows Vista.


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  1. Euan says:

    Could you persuade someone to put the SDK on msdn?

  2. Hi Euan – the final version of the SDK will be available on MSDN, but for now it is only available to folks who have access to the Windows Vista CTP builds.  I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

  3. stooey says:

    Hi Aaron

    MSDN subscribers do have access to the Vista CTP builds, plus the Windows SDK CTP, the "Orcas" extensions, the WWF bits… it seems everything but the Media Center SDK, and we can get the December CTP of that, just not the February one (yet…?)

    There does seem to have been a lot of confusion with both the public and MS employees in recent months over what exactly MSDN subscribers will be given, particularly with Vista builds. In the end we had access to pretty much all the CTPs AFAIK (just not the staged builds so far) and yet there has been a big "will they, won’t they" suspense following the release of each Vista CTP.

    I don’t know how and where the decision is made over what goes on MSDN, but it would be great if we could have a bit of clarification over what we’re going to get.

    I always thought the "D" in MSDN meant we’d be interested in keeping ahead of the game, trialling and potentially doing commercial development using the existing and upcoming range of MS offerings, so something like a CTP of an SDK feels like one its main audiences should be MSDN subscribers and not just the chosen few who somehow get onto the Connect prorgam.

    Just a bit confused to be honest!


  4. Hi Stuart – I think I misunderstood the previous post.  The February CTP build of the Media Center SDK will be available to MSDN subscribers, but not on the public MSDN download site.  I created an ISO image for posting to the MSDN subscriber site last week, but I’m not sure what the time lag is between the time we create the ISO and when it is available for folks to download.  I will ask around and try to find out when this will be available.

    I’m sorry for the general confusion as well.  I share some of that frustration as well because there have been cases where I am not sure exactly what bits will be available to which sets of customers, and in a couple of cases I have had to request access to the subscriber and beta sites to see for myself exactly what our customers are seeing.

  5. Rupak Ganguly says:

    Thankyou Stuart for highlighting the problem and thanks to Aaron for clarifying it. Do we know when we should see the Feb SDK on MSDN.

  6. Hi Stuart and Rupak – I talked to our release team and they indicated that the Media Center SDK for the February CTP should now be available for download on the MSDN subscriber site.  Please let me know if you see that is not the case.

  7. I was able to confirm that the Media Center SDK for the February CTP is live on the MSDN subscriber site, but it is currently named "Windows XP Media Center SDK – February CTP (English)" instead of Windows Vista Media Center SDK.  I told the MSDN folks and they will be renaming it soon, but in case you can’t find it currently, please try looking under the Tools, SDKs and DDKs tree node and the Windows XP Media Center Edition item under that.

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