Media Center guide download and error code 13

I have gotten several comments in blog posts and emails from customers who have been running into error code 13 while trying to download television guide data in Media Center.  As a result, I decided to create an article that can serve as a central repository of all currently known information and suggested workarounds for this error.  You can find the new article that I created at this location.

Unfortunately, this list of suggestions is all that I currently know of to try to troubleshoot this type of failure, and the log files that I have previously requested in earlier blog posts have not been helpful in identifying additional root causes.  As our team discovers new issues and workarounds, I will add them to the article.  I apologize for the inconvenience that this issue is causing you if you are running into it  🙁


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  1. I had the guide working and nw it has stopped again. I get error code 13 as to why the guide will not download.

  2. Jeaniebean says:

    With DWAY- The problem is the PROXY IS NOT SET UP. Go to tools,internet options, connections,Lan settings, uncheck the box Automatically configure settings and CHECK THE PROXY BOX.Then click on ADVANCE

    Next to the HTTP Type in Port 3128

    GO to the bottom where it says EXCEPTIONS and type in:;

    close out everything, open Media center and go thru the promps to download the guide and it will download.

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