Digital Audio Service overlays on Media Center systems with AVerMedia tuners

We have found another possible root cause of Digital Audio Service overlays in Update Rollup 2 for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005.  There are tuners manufactured by AVerMedia that are being shipped with certain types of Media Center systems that we are able to consistently reproduce Digital Audio Service errors with in our test lab.

The Media Center systems we have seen so far that ship this brand of tuner are built by Shuttle but there may be others.  Unfortunately, this appears to be a driver issue with this particular tuner, and we are working with the manufacturers currently to try to help them resolve this issue and provide updated drivers.  In the meantime, the only workarounds that we know of are to uninstall Update Rollup 2 or to use an alternate program such as Windows Media Player to playback your recorded TV content.

Note - if you are seeing Digital Audio Service overlays and your system does not have an AVerMedia tuner, you can find other Digital Audio Service troubleshooting suggestions at the following locations:


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  1. bosjt says:

    help,  this problem is happening to me also.

  2. Manso says:

    Any update on this? This problem was introduced with KB912067 to rollup 2. Very annoying.



  3. Hi Manso – I’m sorry, I haven’t heard of any updates on this issue yet.  Our team has been working with the tuner manufacturer and hopefully there will be a driver update soon.

  4. Manso says:

    Hi, I tried to download the latest version from AVerMedia but their site is crap, to say the least. I found a driver update to my tuner but there was no installer, no readme, nothing and when contacting their support they said they don’t support the downloads (!?). I bought an Intel Entertainment box and as mentioned recording worked very well up until an update from Windows Update. When I do a manual recording it works fine, it’s just when scheduled recordings that fails. Why?

    I really need your help on this one.



  5. Manso says:

    This is the driver I’m referring to:

    The minor version is slightly higher but I have no idea how to install it and the site/support is non-existent.



  6. Hi Manso – I am sorry, but there is not really anything I am able to do to help with this issue, because it appears to be an issue with the drivers for this particular tuner.  I would suggest contacting the hardware manufacturer and strongly encouraging them to provide an update.  You may also want to contact your computer manufacturer to see if they can work with the tuner manufacturer as well to provide further encouragement.

  7. Lance Williamson says:

    I have the same issue with an shuttle m1000 with the Avermedia tuners cards. This is my second system and both seem to experince the Digital Audio Service errors. Does anyone have an updated driver or OS patch fix for this?

  8. Hi Lance – I would encourage you to contact Shuttle and/or AVerMedia and report this issue to them and see if they have a timeline for releasing updated drivers to address this issue.

  9. Manso says:

    Hi Aaron, you say it’s a problem with the drivers for the tuner. How come manual recordings work but not scheduled? Is there a difference on how the tuner is used? How come it worked before the update to Rollup 2?



  10. Hi Manso – I am relaying information about this issue that I received from the folks who debugged some of the issues on a couple of new Shuttle systems in our test lab.  They found that the Digital Audio Service overlay would appear consistently for the AVerMedia tuners but then putting new tuners in the same system and using the same TV input feed would cause things to work correctly.  Also, they put the AVerMedia tuners in other (previously working) systems and the problem started happening there as well.

    The Digital Audio Service overlay is a new code path added in Update Rollup 2.  So even if the conditions exist that would otherwise cause it, you won’t see this message unless you are running Update Rollup 2.  However, on older versions, you will likely see stuttering video, dropped frames, or other quality degradation issues.

    Regarding manual versus scheduled recordings – I didn’t read your original post closely enough and missed that point.  This is the first time I have heard of Digital Audio Service overlays appearing for one recording type but not for others.  I don’t know how to explain that, I’m sorry.

  11. Chixdiggit says:

    I’m also having the same problem as above poster with scheduled recordings. Very frustrating. Can I just buy a different tuner? What do you suggest?

  12. Hi,

    My name is Felix Kolotinsky and I work for AVerMedia USA office.

    We have released a new WHQL driver that fixed this problem, please contact me by email and I’ll email you a new driver.

    Please let me know what TV Tuner you are using.


    Felix Kolotinsky


  13. Hi Felix – that is great news that you’ve got a new driver available to address this issue.  It would be great if you can provide a link to a download location as well so that folks do not have to email you directly to get access to the updated drivers.

  14. A couple of months ago, I posted an item about Digital Audio Service errors that can be caused with Update…

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