How to re-enable the Create CD/DVD item in Media Center

I heard from 2 customers yesterday who had both run into an issue on their Media Center 2005 systems.  They had navigated to the More Programs menu in the Media Center start menu and inadvertantly chose to remove the Create CD/DVD item from the menu by clicking the More Info button and choosing the Remove option.  They tried several options but could not figure out how to add it back, and asked how to restore the item to the menu on their system.

I tried this out on my Media Center 2005 system, and restoring this menu item was trickier than I expected.  Here is what I had to do to re-enable the Create CD/DVD option on the More Programs menu:

  1. Close Media Center

  2. Click on the Start menu, choose Run and type cmd

  3. Run reg add "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Media Center\Extensibility\Categories\Listmaker\Disc Burning\{1beb699f-dc1e-41a7-a31a-d4b339d21f42}" /v Enabled /t REG_SZ /d True /f

  4. Re-open Media Center and navigate to More Programs to verify that the Create CD/DVD option appears in the list again

There is a button under Settings | General | More Programs Options named Edit More Programs that is designed to allow you to show or hide items in the More Programs list, but unfortunately, I found that this menu item does not work correctly in all cases.  In this particular instance, the Create CD/DVD option was installed as an extensibility application for all users (meaning the settings are located under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE).  However, when you choose to remove the item in the More Programs menu, Media Center sets an Enabled registry value to False under HKEY_CURRENT_USER.

It appears that the HKEY_CURRENT_USER setting will override the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE setting, which causes the menu item to be hidden.  It also appears that the Edit More Programs button in the Settings section of Media Center tries to change the registry value under the hive where the application was originally registered, which in the case of Create CD/DVD is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.  I will have to try some experiments with this functionality in the current builds of Media Center that we are working on and report a bug to get this fixed for the future if it is still happening there.


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  1. astrocyte says:

    Thanks for your efforts here.

    My "Create cd/dvd" still won’t show up after doing the red add, "more program" – options, and "add remove windows components" uninstall then reinstall the create cd/dvd program.

    Any other ideas short of a reinstall of everything??

    Thanks a million,


  2. Hi Astrocyte – I have verified this workaround on multiple Update Rollup 2 systems, so I believe it should be working for you too. Can you please click on the Start menu, choose Run and type regedit. Then can you navigate to the following location:






    Media Center




    Disc Burning


    Under this item, make sure that the value named "Enabled" is set to "true" or that the value does not exist.

    After making this change, you should be able to close and open Media Center and have the Create CD/DVD option appear in your More Programs menu.

    Hopefully this helps!

  3. astrocyte says:


    Thanks a million! I found out that my problem was I was making these changes via a remote desktop connection (My TV doesn’t display regular computer text very well…) and then checking if if worked via the remote desktop connection as well. I guess when you run MCE 2005 via remote desktop the "Create CD/DVD" option doesn’t show up. So the first time I made the changes you suggested it probably worked, though I didn’t log back into my media PC directly (via my TV) to check!

    Thanks so much for your help.

    My next mission – (for which I believe much has been written) – is to make those changes required to enable me to remote desktop into the Media Center PC without logging off (ie – have 2 concurrent useres..)

    Thanks again for your help!


  4. Keith H says:

    Hi astebner,

    I was told about your blog and it has fixed my problem. Thanks great stuff

    Keith h

  5. I installed some sonic the hedgehog games on my new computer one of them was sonic r.

    Now even though I uninstalled sonic r and reinstalled sonic encoder media center wont burn to disk it gets to 4% then aborts with an error message.

    Can anybody out there help me


  6. Hi Geoff – You can use the steps at to create a log file for the CD/DVD burning feature in Media Center.  Doing that might help narrow down what is causing the burning problem.

  7. infortwayne says:

    I having trouble being able to select the format to burn DVDs in Windows Media Center 2005.   Finding this site has gotten me a step farther, but in trying to follow the advice I discovered I am missing a folder.  When I go through regedit I can follow the path all the way down to Catagories, but I do not have a folder named Listmaker.  Is there a way I can recover or install this folder without doing a full install?  Thank youl

  8. filngin says:

    I thought I would never get this problem fixed.  Thanks so much!


  9. Hi Infortwayne – You may be able to recover the Listmaker folder by re-installing Update Rollup 2, or you can try to extract the contents of that folder from the cab file on your original installation media.

    You need to have the application named Sonic Encoders installed in order to be able to select the Video DVD option within Media Center.  You can install that by locating the file sonicencoders.msi on your original installation media (if your computer manufacturer included that as an option on your system).

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