Resolving Tuner Not Found errors in Update Rollup 2 for Media Center 2005

I have heard from some folks who have been encountering Tuner Not Found error messages when trying to view live TV in Media Center 2005 after installing Update Rollup 2.  Many of these errors have been caused by the .NET Framework versioning issue that I previously described in this blog post.  However, recently I have seen this error on systems that had no error messages listed in their setup log files.  Fortunately, I got a chance to look at one of these systems because we found a repro machine that belonged to a Microsoft employee and they brought the system in for us to take a look at in our lab.

On the system I looked at, the Media Center receiver and scheduler services (named ehRecvr and ehSched) were installed and registered, but were in a stopped state.  I could verify by running sc query ehrecvr and sc query ehsched that this was the case.  However, when I tried to manually start these services by running sc start ehrecvr or sc start ehsched, they each failed with an error message and an error code stating that a class was not registered.

I used the following steps to fix these services, and once I did this, live TV started working again in Media Center 2005 with Update Rollup 2.  Note that before running these steps, I verified by looking at the setup log files that setup ran correctly and that the setup error described here was not present:

  1. Click on the Start menu, choose Run and type cmd

  2. Run the command regsvr32.exe atl.dll

  3. Run the command %windir%\ehome\ehrecvr.exe /unregServer

  4. Run the command %windir%\ehome\ehsched.exe /unregServer

  5. Run the command %windir%\ehome\ehrecvr.exe /service

  6. Run the command %windir%\ehome\ehsched.exe /service

Note that the command line parameters to unregister and re-register are case sensitive, so you must spell it /unregServer with a capital S and /service all in lower case.

If the above steps do not help, I have also seen the following steps work in some cases to fix Tuner Not Found error messages in Media Center 2005:

  • Update your video card and tuner drivers from the websites for your hardware manufacturers

  • Launch Media Center, go to Settings | TV and try to re-run the TV setup wizard

  • Use the MceRepair tool created by Peter Rosser to forcibly re-register all Media Center binaries (note that this tool does things that standard setup does not do, so please use it with caution)


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  1. I’ve tried every patch I saw on this web site, and others like ones appearing on Peter Rosser web site(MCERpair). I’ve made a lot of researchs on the web. I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled RU2, ans so on…

    I’ve always the same problem: "The Media Center Receiver Service service terminated unexpectedly…".

    So Tv functionnality is unavailabele since october 20th (TV recording and viewing). I’ve to disale receiver service to operate my PC, as this error happens every 10 seconds.

    Could someone make something to help me? I’ve a HP Media Center with MCE 2004 upgraded to MCE 2005 from HP with the official DVD. All Microsoft patches are applied, including reinstalled FrameWork 1,1.

    I just don’t know how to resove this issue, except to erase my disk ans reinstall MCE 2004, MCE 2005 upgrade, and apply all Microsoft and HP patches; a lot of job indeed!

  2. Hi again,

    Here is the state of ehrecvr service after error:

    SERVICE_NAME: ehrecvr




    WIN32_EXIT_CODE : 1067 (0x42b)

    SERVICE_EXIT_CODE : 0 (0x0)

    CHECKPOINT : 0x0

    WAIT_HINT : 0x0

  3. Procyon says:

    Same here… i’m going crazy… and to be honest i’m kind of giving up on Microsoft…

  4. Hi Guylain and Procyon – I am not sure from your comments – have you tried to use the steps listed in this blog post to unregister and re-register the Media Center services? If you have and that did not help, can you please gather the log files listed at and send them to me at so I can take a look and try to help further?

  5. quietus says:

    copied from a post by Peter Rosser



    We do have a fix for this, but for legal reasons I’m not allowed to give it out to non-NDA people. I tried to see what needs to happen to get individuals on NDA, but since it requires GM-level approval and signature (that is, someone 4-5 levels higher than me) for each one, I was told it was not possible outside the normal beta and partner programs. I sincerely apologize for the delay; since there is a workaround (use one tuner, or rollback), and it wasn’t security- or crash-related, the bug does not qualify for a "critical" hotfix, so it will go out with the next QFE release, scheduled for early CY06 Q1 (the date is not public yet).

    I want to reiterate that the problem is actually caused by the driver, and not by MCE. The fix was to do some streaming analysis and detect when the tuner gave us bogus timestamps for caption samples, and reset them to a dynamic baseline. Presentation timestamps (PTS) are a time index set for every video, audio, and caption sample that specifies when, in relation to the content’s "start time", the sample should be rendered to its output device. So if a PTS is set to 0:15.010, and the current time index is 0:11.140, it will be held in the buffer another 4 seconds or so, then sent on to be rendered. This is done because samples can be encoded out-of-order to improve efficiency (bi-directional encoding). The problem here is that the tuner driver interleaves (PTS) from one tuner and then the other onto the stream (which is BAD), which causes those samples that got a bogus PTS value way in the future to be held in the buffer until the PTS becomes "current". Since the buffer holds about 15-20 seconds of video, and is shared among video, audio and captions, it quickly fills with caption samples, and once full, all samples are dropped until the samples can be delivered from the buffer.

    I know nobody cares whose fault the problem is, as long as it’s fixed, but the geek in me just had to explain it. Call it OCD. [Unsure]

    Peter Rosser

  6. anonymous says:

    I fixed my "media center receiver service" error by installing the latest Hauppauge driver, actually the beta version.

  7. Procyon says:

    Well, it didn’t do anything to me… i guess i tried out everything… maibe waiting for someting else, i read somewere that the problem is somehow from the Thoshiba Tuner drivers… but it know very little about it…

  8. Hi Aaron,

    Just read your answer on december 31th!

    I’ll send you the logs.

    Additionnal infos: I suspected compatibility with Hauppauge drivers and WinDVD decoder, so I installed latest drivers from Hauppauge and purchased WinDVD Recorder. WinDVD recorder works perfectly, as well as the capture utility of Hauppauge. The DVD decoder is MCE and Media player 10 compatible, according to Microsoft MCE diags. But I see Pinnacle decoder in red in diags. WinDVD decoder is selected as the preferred decoder.

  9. Isabdo says:

    Hi, I just baught a Toshiba Qosmio G20 and as per Procyon’s note, I assume that "ou" issue won’t be easy to solve!

    But what is really stange, is that I re-installed my system using the repair DVD provided with the computer and I tried to make the tuner TV working. The big surprise is that it was working fine, but as soon as I shutted down and restarted

    the computer, nothing works anymore!

    Which, for my point of view, is a good thing. It means that it can work! (at least once…)

  10. Isabdo says:

    I’m already back as I browsed the net to get different points of view.

    For some persons, it seems that there is a conflict between WinDVD and MCE as both of them are using the same service (MC Reciever).

    And for some other, it is due to the fact that a windows update corrupts the tuner tv driver.

    But I’m gonna work on this tonight… I’ll let you know as soon as I have good news!

  11. msghockey says:

    Recently I’ve purchaced a Dell Dimension XPS 400.

    It has a nVidea G-Force 6800

    and an ATI-TV Tuner Card.

    I am expiriencing a conflict when AIM runs with Media Center.

    Scenerio #1: I boot my computer Load AIM –> Cannot Get TV TUNER TO WORK, Get this message:


    I Used to get a "TV Tuner Is Unavalible" mesg. until i used "" That UTILITY (I guess I made things worse)

    Scenerio #2: I boot my computer, LOAD Media Center and turn on live tv–> then boot AIM  — EVERYTHING WORKS GREAT

    However, if I then close Media Center, the TV Tuner will not work.

    Scenerio #3: I boot my computer and Load media center and NEVER load AIM, EVerything Works Perfect

    Scenerio #4: Boot Computer Load AIM — NEVER load media center, everything is perfect


  12. Hi Lawrence – I’m afraid I haven’t heard of this issue before, so I’m not sure what to suggest to try to help solve this.  In scenario 1, can you look and see if a file named %windir%ehomeehshell.crash is created and paste the contents here if so?  You may want to take a look at the Media Center forums/newsgroups and see if any other folks have run into similar issues with AIM interactions with Media Center and see if there are any helpful suggestions there.

    Sorry I’m not able to be more helpful here.

  13. msghockey says:

    Well, I do not get this error anymore, "" I fixed that, however, I still get the TV TUNER IS NOT AVALIBLE. It seems to be a common issue with dell. I dont know what to do 🙁

  14. dartchucker says:

    I have the problem tuner not found, the pc had mce 2005 preinstalled and I updated all the updates including rollup 2. The pc did not have a tuner card installed prior updates. I installed the pci-e theater 550pro and after setup the card worked great,but after shutdown and restarting I get tuner not found and have to go through the setup process to get it to work again,I have noticed once working I noticed blk box with stopped,then live tv works again.  I would like to try sc query ehrecvr , but being a newbie not sure how to do this,viewing  setup log files etc. any help would be appreciated

  15. Hi MsgHockey and DartChucker – You might want to try to try the more detailed steps that I just posted at, and also try to update your tuner drivers from the website of the hardware manufacturer.

  16. Martin S says:

    Hi Aaron.

    The info here is great, I think the Gateway tech support people should be reading this before they answer any questions.

    I get the TV Tuner failure problem whenever my Gateway machine with the ATI TheaterPro 550 wakes from standby.  However, it works fine after a reboot.  The event log indicates a problem with the ehrecvr service, but the sc query ehrecvr command indicates the service is started.

    BTW, GW is in the process of shipping me a new card, but I’m not expecting that will fix the problem.

    Any help is greatly apreciated.

  17. Vitriol says:

    Alright, so i have an ATI AIW 9700, im using xp media center 2005. i am having the same problem as a lot of other people with "no tuner hardware found". i foudn this website and tried all three ways to fix the problem. none of them worked so i searched harder, found out that haugpagge says to reinstall .net 1.1 sp 1 and then install rollup 2 and that that shoudl fix the problem. still no go, i dont know what else to do, i have the decoder installed and i know the tuner works as ati’s mmc works fine. please help anyone

  18. dartchucker says:

    Hi Aaron, I tried a few things you mentioned in my previous post. I found out that if i run either the sc start ehrecvr or sc start ehsched

    the problem with tuner card not found is not there and it functions fine. Im not sure what im suppose to do to correct the problem, running the manual start is a bit of a pain after every boot. Sorry for the lack of knowledge but im new with this. thanks in advance

  19. Talon says:

    After installing the MCE Update Rollup 2 I had lots of problems with MCE not recording shows. Rebooting solved the problem temporarily but only if I totally shut down for at least a minute (must be some capacitors or electronic components needing to discharge). Warm reboot didn’t work.

    Installing the updated Angel drivers which are one version newer than Dell’s solved my problems, thanks!

    Dell 5100 with Angel Dual TV Tuner, Windows MCE with update rollup 2, 2 GB RAM, Audigy 2ZS sound card, ATI x300 128MB video card, 650 GB HD

  20. Hi Martin – I talked to Peter Rosser ( a bit about your issue and he thinks it sounds like a hardware or driver issue.  We have seen some issues where the system comes out of standby but the PCI or PCI Express tuner cards attached to the PC are not yet fully ready when the Media Center recording service (ehRecvr) tries to poll them.  It might help to try to update your tuner drivers to see if that makes a difference.

    Hi Vitriol – You might want to try the more detailed steps listed at and also try to update your TV tuner drivers.

    Hi Dartchucker – you should not need to manually start those services on your system.  Can you check in the Service Control Manager and make sure the services are configured to start automatically (as opposed to being set to manual or disabled)?

  21. dartchucker says:

    Hi Aaron. I checked and they are set for automatic, I noticed today it worked fine but it is hit and miss, yesterday I manualy started it and it did not find tuner error came up again, this is getting frustrating.

  22. Ansic says:

    Hi guys

    I was going crazy, cos all of these methods wasn’t working on my machine. I had "no tuner found" information, when i was tying to fix it "media center receiver service" error appear as well. but (!) i foun on some site information, that multi codec pack (in my sytuation K-lite) cause conflict. I just uninstalled them and… evrthng is fine now! I was thinking method with re registration components is invalid, but now i know. Thanks a lot. U working with passion in profession… good.

  23. Ramesh says:

    I got ‘Component Registration Failure’ followed by ‘Tuner not found’ after a windows update on a brand new MCE 2005 system. The problem went away after following the six steps you have listed above. Looks like a fix is needed on some of the windows updates.. Excellent work Aaron…

  24. Hi DartChucker – I am not sure why this error would come and go like you are seeing.  Do you have any other applications running on your system that might be trying to access your TV tuner at the same time that Media Center tries to?  Media Center requires the ability to exclusively access your tuner, so that could possibly explain why you are hitting this error only some of the time.

  25. dartchucker says:

    Hi Aaron

    I have different issues as of late,my power color 550pro pci-express tuner came with power cinema software and worked okay except for the sound cut out after a few minutes, and as of today it started the issue of tuner not being found. In mce2005 the tuner not being found happens on and off as i stated but i have no issues with sound. I can not see that anything else is trying to acess the tuner card as you thought. In media centre if i go through the setup program the tuner will work, but when i reboot I have to repeat the setup program.

    Do you have any ideas what is causing this erratic behaviour, I aslo tried GB-PVR program and the tuner was found but it had the same sound issues as the power cinema software.

  26. darkman says:

    it work thanks i  LOVE YOU MAN!!!!!

  27. Petey says:

    I also had a "Tuner not found error". My problem was the K-Lite codec pack as well. Thank you for the help. I will pass this on to DELL. thanks again.

  28. quantizationbit says:

    I resolved it also somewhat. Was not codec related rather startup related.

    Seems that I cannot launch ORB unless I have the MCE running first or it competes for the tuner.

    Not sure how to clear the problem short of removing ORB though…

  29. Adam Smith says:

    I tried the fix and when typing the 4 commands, %windir%… they all return "The system cannont find the path specified."  Any ideas?

  30. Hi Adam – Can you please copy and paste the exact command lines that you tried to run when you got this error message?

  31. Jerry Trantow says:

    Thanks for this site.  I was having the "Tuner not found" problem after installing .Net 2.0.  Looking at the device driver showed "T200 Unified AVStream Driver" wasn’t starting code 10.  If I reinstalled the ATI drivers, this would start and the TV would work until I restarted.  The ATI drivers require .net 1.x so I figured I could just uninstall .Net 2.0. Wrong.  When I uninstalled .Net 2.0, the T200 driver was ok, but I would get a critical process failure code 3.

    So I went thru the uninstall RU2 and all the .nets, then installing all the .net except 2.0 and then RU2.  This brought me back to my working tuner.

    For the first few weeks with media center I was pleasantly surprized.  The MS remote works wonderfully (infinitely than the ATI remote wonder and Remote Wonder II) and I like the layout and stability better than ATI’s MMC.  I’ve been suffering with HTPCs for several years and this was the first setup I was actually thinking I could recommend a Media Center to friends and family.

    This last experience mades me bite my tongue.

    I understand that the initial problem (incompatibility of driver with .Net 2.0) was ATI’s fault, but the uninstall of .Net 2.0 should have restored proper operation.

  32. Claus says:

    have anyone tried this one from Microsoft?

  33. Hi Jerry – I’m glad to hear that you were able to resolve the problem that you encountered, but I’m sorry for the hassle.  I’m sure it is not really any consolation to you, but the issue you’ve seen is pretty rare on Media Center systems.  I hope that it won’t sour you on Media Center features in the future.  Please contact me using if you run into any further issues.

    Hi Claus – The knowledge base article that you have provided a link to is the same issue that I describe at  After I posted my blog item, we found that this issue was common enough to warrant creating a knowledge base article from so we used some of the same information from my blog post for the KB article  🙂

  34. Hello,

    I am hoping you can help me with my problem.

    I am running MCE rollup 2 with the aver media 1550 mce pci tv tuner. I am using an ati 9550 radeon video card, with the ATI decoder. All of the drivers are freshly installed, and up to date.

    I have followed all of the instructions above, but I am still getting the "media center receiver service has encountered a problem…" error. The details are: szAppName : ehrecvr.exe     szAppVer : 5.1.2715.2883     szModName : unknown

    szModVer :     offset : 00000254     and…



    I am getting desparate. THANKS!

  35. JamieHowson says:


    I’m hoping someone can shed some light on my situation. I’ve been having similar problems to the ones described in this blog.  I’ve tried the fixes and workarounds in the links provided yet I still can’t seem to get my TV Tuner working.  I’m running Windows Media Center 2005 with an ATI Radeon All In Wonder 9600 video card.  I’ve gone to the ATI site, downloaded the MCE drivers, uninstalled all previous drivers (even using Driver Cleaner Pro) and then reinstalling all of the MCE drivers.  All of the basic graphics functions seem to be working, I get all supported resolutions, dual monitor support, etc etc.

    Under MCE, when trying to run TV, I get Tuner not installed error message.  

    When I go into Device Manager – under Sound/Video and game controllers, I get an exclamation point for ATI T200 Unified AVStream Driver.  The error message is that the device cannot start.

    Even if I try to start the TV outside of Media Center (using ATI MMC 9.14) I get an Unable to Start TV – the TV player failed to initialize error.

    If anyone has any other ideas for me to try, they’d be much appreciated.


  36. Hi JamieHowson – Can you try to check with the Media Center diagnostics tool and see if it recognizes your TV tuner?  You can find the diagnostics tool at  If you do not have correct drivers installed and the tuner is unable to function on its own, it will not work in Media Center.  If the above does not help, I would suggest that you try to contact ATI for further technical assistance.

  37. Hi Richard – I would suggest first making sure that you have the latest Media Center hotfix package installed.  You can download and run it from

    If that does not help, can you also try the steps listed at and see if they help at all?

  38. kinner says:

    Hi Aaron,

    My system is beyond help but thought I confirm it with you before I wipe it out.

    I have BOTH problems:

    – reocurring Media Center Receiver Service error

    – Tuner not found in Media Center

    I already tried every single solution posted on this page but still no help.

    I have .NET 1.1 + Hotfix (KB887903) installed along with Media Center Update Rollup 2.

    I have the Hauppauge WinTV-PVR 150.  I already tried installing the latest (even the beta) drivers but still no luck.

  39. Soupkin says:

    I also was up late lastnight fustrated with media center 2005.

    I also have Hauppauge WinTV-PVR 150 MCE, tried every driver on the website.

    Without rollup2 tuner not found. Installed .net 1.1 tuner not found.

    Installed Rollup2 tuner not found.

    Uninstalled rollup2 tuner not found

    installed 1.1 SP1 tuner not found then reinstalled rollup2 (like the windows support said to) tuner not found.

    It seems like I have tried everything. Beyound tv 4 picks up my tuner and works great. Yet media center says Tuner not found.

  40. Hi Kinner and Soupkin – You might want to try to use the Media Center Diagnostic Kit to verify that you have a tuner card installed that is supported by Windows Media Center.  You can find the diagnostic kit at

    In addition, you may want to check and see if you have any other programs running that are also trying to use the TV tuner card.  There can only be one program using the tuner at any one time.  Some programs I have seen that can cause this include video capture/editing software, Cyberlink, AOL Instant Messenger, Easy Media Creater and some others.

    I have also posted more in-depth steps for this type of issue in a more recent blog post at  They might be useful here as well.

    If none of this helps, your best option is to contact your computer manufacturer for more detailed troubleshooting.

    I’m sorry I’m not able to be more helpful here.  Hopefully one of the above suggestions will help.

  41. kinner says:

    Got it fixed…well kinda.

    I can duplicate the result so I know it is not a fluke.

    Basically, the fix is I have to install Update Rollup 2 -> reboot -> manually or (let Automatic Update)install KB913800 (  

    However, the problem comes back after I reboot my computer.  If I don’t reboot after install KB913800 then it’s fine.

    Aaron, WinTV PVR150 ( is officially compatiable with MCE; actually that’s why I choose it.

    I hope my new findings can shed some more light into our problem..

    Thanks! Kinner

  42. Soupkin says:

    No other programs are running. This is directly after a format and installation of media center 2005, after installing the drivers, trying the beta drivers. Installing .net 1.1 & 1.1 sp, installing roll up 2. Before doing all these setups I’d reboot and try my tuner in media center; tuner not found.

    I got so mad at it, i ended up trying beyond tv 4 & sage tv 5 for media cetner. These both programs pick up my tuner card perfectly. And with these programs fully closed meida center will not pick up my tuner ;(

    Thanks anyays.

  43. Soupkin says:

    I’m going to try this hotfix for mce after installing rollup2 tonight.

    I’m still running beyond tv 4 with my wintv pvr150 mce.

    Did anyone think that our cards might be trashed?

  44. Soupkin says:

    KB913800 didn’t even work for a little bit 🙁

    Why are only a few of us having these problems 🙁

  45. CanuckUSA says:

    I have WinTV150 (Hauppauge) and have same problems with Tuner not found and Media Center Reciever Error.  I tried all fixes on many sites, including this one, for the last 3 weeks.  Seemed to start when I was away for a week and my Computer downloaded a MS update automatically (might want to disable that).  When I came back from my business trip the Tuner was not found.  Used the Media Center Diagnostics tool and the tool said my Tuner card was found and it was good.  Man was I frustrated.  On Thursday last week I downloaded the Beta version of the Media Player 11 from MS website (Hey, I tried everything else).  My Tuner was found and no moe Receiver errors.  It has been working since then just fine and I have rebooted my PC many times since then.  I have all updates and Rollups loaded and installed (I uninstalled and re-installed many times, in different order, etc.).

    That solved the most frustrating PC problem I have ever had so maybe others would want to give that a go as well.Not sure why it worked.

    Maybe Microsfot should be a bit more careful with their updates.  If that happened with one of my cars I would take it back to the dealer and tell them to fix it.  Why does nobody expect that from software suppliers like Microsoft?  I know they are not the only ones with this kind of problem but we just accept problems like this without expecting the SW suppliers to own up to their mistakes.

  46. Giocatore says:

    Hi Aaron.

    I have a new problem were ehrecvr.exe takes up 90 – 99% of cpu power until memory hits +80.000KB. Then it goes back to normal 0% of cpu usage, but it’s still taking up the memory. Problem is that for the first 5 – 10 minutes until ehrecvr.exe’s memory hits +80.000KB of memory, the computer is useless. If I uninstall my Hauppauge drivers ( I’ve tried CD version. 25a, 27b and 31e ) then everything is perfect. But as soon as I install the drivers, the file hangs a bit, and if I check the task manager it’s because ehrecvr.exe is already starting to build up the memory. The installation then completes itself with no error message, but every time I reboot I have to wait for 5 – 10 minutes until ehrecvr.exe has build up it’s memory, then I can use the computer. Please help.  

    I stumbled upon your blog and I really hope that you can help me. Hauppauge says that it’s Microsoft’s problem, Microsoft won’t help me unless I pay them a ridiculous amount of money, so they tell me to contact my dealer. – He has almost given up. I tried several forums, but no one has been able to help. So you’re kinda my last hope.

  47. This article serves as a central location for all links to troubleshooting documentation that has been

  48. TGCanuck says:

    Hi Aaron,

    I have been reading and re-reading this blog for 3 months now trying to fix this problem on my HP Media Center PC. For me, things started to break at Christmas when a Windows Critical Update was installed on my machine (I think I was trying to upgrade to WMP11 which required it — I have since rolled back to WMP10 and that is working fine.)

    I have tried all of the suggestions in this posting – re-installing .NET 1.1SP1, re-registering components, checking logs, updating drivers, rebooting… all in various combinations… and STILL NOTHING! I, like so many others, am getting fed up. I did have MCE playing TV & recording for a short period of time in late Jan/Feb but it seems that maybe another update was installed and it’s been broken since Feb 26.

    One note, I too have the Hauppauge WinTV PVR-150 but when I test it with PC Doctor it shows me a live TV feed AND is able to capture video both to screen and to an AVI file (i.e. all PC Doctor tests pass). So, the PVR/receiver card seems to be working fine, it’s MCE that doesn’t like it.

    Any other suggestions? Would you take a look at my logs and see if there’s something you recognize?

    Thanks in advance… :-S

  49. Hi TGCanuck – There is an updated set of instructions that supersedes the ones in this blog post.  Those are at, and you might want to try those as well.

    If that doesn’t help, the log file at %windir%medctroc.log would be useful to look at to see if there are any registration errors during Media Center installation or hotfix application.  You can zip that and send it to me at Aaron.Stebner (at) microsoft (dot) com so I can see if I can figure anything out.

  50. TGCanuck says:

    Thank you Aaron – I have read & tried the suggestions in the other blog you mentioned, too (sorry, should have told you that). I uninstalled & re-installed Update Rollup 2 at least once & then the October 2006 update (KB925766) on top of that. And I have a batch file made with the unregister/register instructions in it, which is the first thing I run when it breaks again (optimistically hoping that that’ll be enough to fix it, which it rarely is!).

    I think my PC got scared after I posted here last night. I just came home & fired up Media Center and lo and behold, the Live TV is working again??!!

    I have NO IDEA WHY. 🙁

    I’ll keep you posted & send logs along if it suddenly fails again.

    Thanks again! Your instructions & explanations were really clear & nicely detailed, which is a BIG help.

  51. catstwelve says:

    I sent a new desktop back to Sony yesterday because of this problem. When I tried to watch HDTV in windows media center with 2 ati tv tuners on my home network I was getting the tuner not found error message. My feeling is that TV on my PC worked fine on my old Sony desktop. HDTV is a totally different story, the hybrid, (digital and analog tuners) do not reliably switch between the two. ATI has no interest in support for thier products, and Sony technical support could not resolve the issue. I think Vista Ultimate was released without enough testing! Do not make my mistake and expect reliable HDTV from Vista Ultimate and hybrid tv tuners.

  52. JohnLenz says:

    Dell Dimension 410

    ATI wonder elite PCE

    I am trying to run MceRepair 2.0 to re-establish MCS rollup

    When I execute it I immediately get error:

    Application has generated  an exception that could not be handled

    Process id (0x314 (MCE  repair)

    Thread  id=0xdd8

    How can I fix this & run repair?


  53. Hi JohnLenz – I didn’t create the MceRepair tool, so I am not sure how to solve crashes that happen within that tool.  If your goal is to repair Update Rollup 2, I’d suggest using the steps at to re-run the components of Update Rollup 2 setup on your system.  Hopefully this helps.

  54. hotsaucekim says:

    Okay I’m not a techie so I don’t understand the language but I appear to be having the same problem.  I have a 2005 HP MediaCenter PCm7160n computer with Windows XP. In January due to numerous problems I had to do a full hard system recovery (restored computer to original settings).  In March 2009 I connected a digital converter box to my computer so I could continue watching television when the digital conversion happened.  It worked fine until about April then I lost signal and received a Tuner Hardware missing message when trying to watch TV in MediaCenter.  I thought this was related to the digital conversion until a couple of weeks ago, at that time my mouse started lagging and for the next week I spent time on a techie group trying to solve the issue.  I finally found that ehrecvr.exe was using about 50% of my CPU which was dragging the mouse.  I was told this was a codec issue and installed Cole2k Media – Codec Pack on June 24th, which corrected the problem for all of 3 days. On June 27th the issue returned.  I went to Microsofts website and read that the Tuner Hardware missing and the ehrecvr.exe CPU usage are connected.  But the only solutions I found were to uninstall MediaCenter (which doesn’t solve the problem because I want the TV to work) or to stop Windows automatic updates (shutting the gate after the cows are out doesn’t solve the issue either).  It was also suggested to do a system recovery prior to the problem however I had a virus a few weeks ago and the techie solution I followed reset my system recovery availability to June 24th only so that isn’t an option either.  Other than doing another Hard System Recovery which I’ve heard can damage the computer and stop all updates completely, please tell me what to do as this is frustrating me to no end.  Kim

  55. hotsaucekim says:

    Click on the Start menu, choose Run and type cmd

    Run the command regsvr32.exe atl.dll

    Run the command %windir%ehomeehrecvr.exe /unregServer

    I tried this but it told me after typing

    %windir%ehomeehrecvr.exe/unregServer that the file was not found.

    I have a HP MediaCenter PCm7160n 2005 computer running Windows XP.  Never had problems with MediaCenter until March.  (However I did a hard recovery – set back to original settings, earlier this year) In March I connected a converter box to my computer to ready for the digital switch.  It worked for a while then in April I started getting the Tuner Hardware missing message.  I tried reinstalling the tuner but it didn’t help.  I assumed the error was due to the digital conversion.  Then 2 weeks ago I began experiencing a computer slowdown which I discovered was caused by the ehrecvr.exe.  I don’t speak or understand computer techie language so I need help in simple English.  I downloaded Codec Advanced Pack which actually helped the ehrecvr problem for 3 days but then it came back.  I have turned ehrecvr.exe to manual startup so it isn’t lagging my CPU but don’t know how to solve this problem.  I’ve got a message on Microsoft’s XP thread but haven’t received a response yet.  Please won’t somebody help me be able to watch TV on my puter again.  Kim

  56. Hi Hotsaucekim – The error message about the file not being found is probably being caused by the command line you typed missing a space between ehrecvr.exe and /unregServer.

    If the commands listed in this blog post don’t help resolve this error, then it might help to try running the steps listed at to manually repair Update Rollup 2 for Media Center 2005.

    If that also doesn’t help, then I’d suggest posting a question at one of the following locations to see if anyone there can help suggest any additional workarounds for you to try:

  57. hotsaucekim says:

    First of all you were correct and I was missing the space.  I typed it all in and it accepted it.  I wasn’t sure what to do next so I closed it and tried MediaCenter which still said Tuner Hardware missing.  So I rebooted the computer and tried again and still Tuner Hardware missing.  Then I went to the steps you suggested to manually repair Update Rollup 2 and clicked on the here that takes me to "Update Rollup 2 setup failure while installing KB891593."

    I did this:

    *****You can diagnose this issue by looking at a couple of the log files that Update Rollup 2 setup creates.  First, you can open %windir%mcsetup.log in a text editor such as Notepad.  If KB891593 is the package that fails on your system, you will see the following entry in mcsetup.log:*****

    But it couldn’t find a file in %windir% called mcsetup.log so do I go to the steps you say only to do as a last resort??

    Thanks Marie

  58. hotsaucekim says:

    Aaron:  In addition to the ehrecvr.exe and Tuner Hardware missing.  I am also getting a Windows Messenger failure message in Media Center.  I didn’t think it was related but now I am beginning to wonder.  I went to MCE website and found the following:

    *****The Problem:-Every time you start Windows Media Center you get the following error:-

    ”Messenger Failure – You must install Windows Messenger…”

    Why is it happening:-

    It’s happening due to installation of security update described here:-


    1]Uninstall Security update KB 946648 from Add/Remove items in Control Panel.

    2]Open Windows Media Center>Setting>Messenger>Uncheck the box against  ‘Allow instant messages within Media Center’

    3]Reinstall the Security Update.

    Resolution via Registry Tweaking:-

    To do this:-

    Open Notepad and copy and paste the following:-

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionApp Pathsehshell.exe]


    Now save the above as a reg file.

    Finally launch this .reg file to execute.

    [courtesy to Richard Miller,MVP for the above registry tweak]*****

    I tried both fixes but I am unable to unistall kb946648 because uninstall is not available for it.  I tried the tweaking thing but have no idea what I’m doing and what I tried didn’t work.  I opened Notepad.  Copied and pasted the stuff it said to.  Then did a save as and made up a name called Correction.reg.  Researched to find out how to open regedit and tried to open my correction.reg file from regedit and it told me it’s not a valid binary file.  

    Please bear with my ignorance in this matter.  The sad thing is I actually minored in computer science but it was in the days of DOS and Cobal programming and alas I wasn’t gifted at it even then.  

    Are these issues related?  How do I a non-techie fix my Media Center and how important are the Windows Updates anyway because I’m tempted to do a Hard System Recovery and block Windows Automatic Updates as I’m not sure they are worth the trouble??  Marie

  59. Hi Hotsaucekim – Yes, please run the individual 15 steps that are listed in the blog post at to repair the pieces of Update Rollup 2.  This will re-install files and re-run Media Center registration steps.  After the reboot in step 15, try to run Media Center and re-run TV setup from within there to have it hopefully re-detect your TV tuner hardware and configure things.

    I’m not sure about the cause of the Messenger error.  For that issue, I’d suggest disabling Messenger functionality within Media Center if you don’t use it to avoid the error.  You can disable it by opening Media Center, going to Settings, then Messenger, then unchecking the box there that is labeled "Allow instant messages within Media Center"

  60. hotsaucekim says:

    I hate to be a bother but before I run the 15 steps I just have one question.  It says in the 15 steps that it will disable system recovery.  Does that mean I can never do one or will it just reset system recovery to the current date?  Marie

  61. Hi Hotsaucekim – Where in the process are you seeing this message?  I believe it means that it will not create a system restore point prior to installing the Windows hotfix that you’re trying to install.  That shouldn’t affect your ability to use system restore to create your own restore points in the future though.

  62. hotsaucekim says:

    I completed all 15 steps with no failures. I restarted the computer (soft boot) and then did a complete shutdown and restart (hard boot) but Media Center is still telling me I have no Tuner Hardware installed.  Do I need to reinstall the tuner hardware?  Also I tried going into MediaCenter, Settings, Messenger for the Messenger error I’m getting and it says Save or Cancel but gives me no options to Save.  Is this connected to the other stuff?  Marie

  63. Hi Hotsaucekim – It might help to try to install updated TV tuner drivers for your system and/or updated decoders.

    I don’t think the Messenger issue is related, but I don’t have much expertise with Messenger integration issues, so I can’t say for sure.

    If these suggestions don’t help, I still would recommend posting a question at one of the following locations to see if anyone there can help suggest any additional workarounds for you to try:

  64. hotsaucekim says:

    I will try downloading the updated TV tuner driver.  I tried it before but that was prior to the 15 steps.  I left a message at the microsoft link you gave before posting to you and have had no response.  I posted to the green button last night and am still waiting on a response there.  Thanks for all of the help.  Marie

  65. junglejuce says:

    This worked perfectly! Thanks!

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