How to resolve "Windows – no disk" errors when launching Media Center 2005 on an HP machine

I have heard from a few folks (mostly via comments on this blog post) regarding an issue with HP Media Center 2005 machines.  On some HP machines, customers are seeing an error message pop up when launching Media Center.  This error message has the following information:

  • Title:  Windows - No Disk
  • Text:  There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive
  • Buttons: Cancel, Try Again and Continue

This error does not prevent Media Center from launching, but sits on the desktop until you exit Media Center.

We were able to track this issue down to some kind of bug in the HP Image Zone for Media Center application that is pre-installed on HP Media Center systems that appears if you uninstal the Norton Anti-virus and/or System Security suite that also comes pre-installed on HP Media Center systems.  We reported this issue to HP and also some customers have reported it, and they have issued an update to Image Zone that addresses this issue.

A customer was kind enough to post the response he received from HP about this issue.  According to the HP support team, you can find this update for Image Zone at this location, and that should allow you to resolve this No Disk error without needing to reinstall Norton or uninstall Image Zone (which are the possible workarounds suggested in the past).

<update date="11/30/2005"> HP contacted me today with a new location for the fix, so I have updated the link in the text of this blog post </update>

<update date="4/9/2006"> The previous link I had posted seemed to be unreliable for some people because it was pointed to the HP FTP server, so I have updated it to a better link location. HP also appears to have updated the package since I originally posted this as well to provide some additional fixes. </update>


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  1. Jeff in Spanaway says:

    I used this solution. Install the Norton Internet Security and Security Suite that comes with the HP Media Center computer, activate the products, use control panel to uninstall the Norton prosucts. This will end the No Disk Error. The key here is to install and activate then uninstall the products. I uninstalled the products individually then tried Media Center again with no errors.

    Good luck.

  2. chris says:

    Just so you know, It’s not neccessary to have HP or media center in your equation! I uninstalled Norton from my self-built computer and am getting the error…. Thanks for solving this error mystery! 🙂

  3. kara says:

    Thank you! The updated software worked like a charm.

  4. zxxwkl says:

    I was getting the error with different apps; this cured it.

  5. h_arted says:

    Just don’t use Symantec software!

  6. Marisa Kane says:

    Thank you for the fix.  It installed seamlessly and fixed the problem immediately.  I couldn’t be happier!

  7. Johannes says:

    If I clic the button ”this location” my server cannot find the page.

  8. Johannes says:

    Hi Astebner, thank you for helping me.

    I tried the link you put on the site, it thakes me to the site ”HP Image Zone Update”. When I push the button "Download only" my server can’t find the site again.

    The same happens when I clic ”sp 26630.exe”.

    When I chose "Install now” it stops and puts a icon on my screen, that I have to double clic to continue. Than it stops again and asks double clic the icon again. This happens over and over again.

  9. Hi Johannes – It looks like this is an issue with the FTP portion of the HP download site.  I followed the link and then instead of clicking Download Only, I clicked on the name of the executable – sp26630.exe (which is also a hyperlink), and then I chose Save to save it to my desktop and it worked fine for me.  Can you try to download it using this method and see if it works for you?

  10. Johannes says:

    Hi astebner, thanks for helping me again.

    I tried it your way, but unfortunately it doesn’t work. Is it possible to mail the file?

  11. Hi Johannes – I am sorry, but the file in question is an HP file, not a Microsoft file, so I do not think it would be right for me to download it myself and mail it to you.  I suggest that you contact HP customer support or search the HP site and see if you can find a working link to the file instead of using the link that I posted in this blog.

  12. Johannes says:

    Hi astebner, thanks for your responce and your suggestion. I will contact Hp customer support. I let you know if I succeeded.

  13. Johannes says:

    Hi astebner, the problem is fixed.

    My hardware(router)firewall was blokking your link. Thank you again, for helping me.

  14. Bill Horton says:

    I have been locked in voice-mail hell for a half an hour. The link to the patch SP26630 on the HP website has been pulled. You get a blank download page. Support wants to charge me for further help on this error. They can’t figure out why the patch is not there.

    I refuse to pay for help on an out-of-the box problem with HP image zone software on a new MEDIA CENTER M7250n PC.

  15. Bill Horton says:

    Update: I managed to get into the ftp location by VPN outside of a firewall and got the SP2660.EXE program downloaded.

    Thank You.


  16. safacles says:

    any know how I can get this patch now? i am going crazy with this same error.

  17. Hi Safacles – It appears that the link to the HP site is unreliable and sometimes does not work.  If you have issues with the link listed in this blog post, I suggest that you try to contact HP for a reliable download location for this patch.  I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

  18. Hi Mark – Thank you for this link.  It appears that HP updated the package for this Image Zone hotfix in March and the old link no longer works.  I have updated the link in my blog post to point to this location.  Hopefully this new link will work for everyone.

  19. Dave says:


    I am having the exact same problem as described in the blog only in iTunes.  I have downloaded the HP image zone update as i have this installed on my system, but when i run the update .exe file i go thru the first setup stage, and then when it gets to the part saying press yes to update, i do press yes, another window then comes up and starts the update but then it closes and a window comes up saying the update failed to finish.  I have disabled all firewalls and anti-virus programs to let the program update but i still get the same error, has anybody else also had this problem?

    Any help is greatly appriciated


  20. Hi Dave – This update package was created by HP, so I suggest contacting them for further assistance regarding the installation failure you are seeing.

  21. I just had an online chat with HP and was told to download the following zipped patch:

    Nigel R:

    Nigel R: Installation Instructions

    1. Download the update.

    2. If the Media Center application is running, close it now.

    3. Double-click the icon for the update downloaded in Step 1, and then click NEXT.

    4. Select I accept the terms in the license agreement, and then click NEXT to proceed with the installation.

    5. Click YES to install the update.

    6. If prompted to restart the system upon completion of the update, click YES

    I tried the other links in your site, but they were broken.  Note that the executable identifying number is more recent than those anyway.

    Hope this helps others.


  22. This article serves as a central location for all links to troubleshooting documentation that has been

  23. Bhaskar says:

    There are two error messages that you might get which can be solved by the same method, the one of them is an exception Windows – no disk Exception Processing Message… and the other one There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive…

    In most cases this can be easily fixed by changing your drive assignment letters and in 90% of the cases you are seeing these messages because you have removable drive which is configured as drive letter C.

    To resolve the issue read this article.

    If that doesn’t work then first of all you should run a complete virus and malware scan, then install the latest Windows updates, uninstall and reinstall the lates QuickTime, Norton or HP software that you have installed on your machine.

    If everything else fails you can suppress the message – please note that this will NOT fix the problem but will simply get rid of the annoying messages – WINDOWS XP:

    Click Start -> Run, type regedit and click OK.

    Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlWindows and change the value of the ErrorMode key to 2 then exit the Registry editor.

    Now the message should go away!

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