Simpler fix for Visual Studio Class Designer Package load failure in VS 2005 after beta 2 uninstall

A few weeks ago, I posted an entry describing a scenario where you may encounter package load failure error dialogs for the Class Designer Package while using the Visual Studio 2005 IDE after uninstalling VS 2005 beta 2 in an incorrect order and then installing a later CTP or the release candidate build.  Since then I've had a few people contact me who had trouble getting the steps that I posted in that previous post to work, so I wanted to post a more straightforward set of steps that didn't require installing Orca and navigating through the VS MSI.

If you are running into this issue, I would first encourage you to download and use the updated version of the VS 2005 cleanup tool, which will automate cleaning up the files that cause this package load failure.  Please note that this tool is only designed to help solve issues caused by previous beta versions of VS 2005 that were installed on your system.  If you have not ever had a beta of VS 2005 on your system, this tool will likely not help you.

If you would prefer to clean it up manually, here are some more straightforward steps that will allow you to do so.  Note that these steps assume that the machine has previously had VS 2005 beta 2 installed and that it was uninstalled in an incorrect order (meaning the order of uninstall listed here was not followed exactly).  It also assumes that the machine has a later build of VS 2005 already installed.

  1. From a cmd prompt, run del %windir%\assembly\GAC_MSIL\ Microsoft.VisualStudio. EnterpriseTools.ClassDesigner\\ Microsoft.VisualStudio.EnterpriseTools.ClassDesigner.dll

  2. From a cmd prompt, run del %windir%\assembly\GAC_MSIL\ Microsoft.VisualStudio. EnterpriseTools.SdmDesigners\\ Microsoft.VisualStudio.EnterpriseTools.SdmDesigners.dll

  3. Extract the file FL_Microsoft_VisualStudio_EnterpriseTools__ 66768_____X86.3643236F_FC70_11D3_A536_0090278A1BB8 from the file on the root of the VS DVD and rename it to Microsoft.VisualStudio.EnterpriseTools.SdmDesigners.dll

  4. Extract the file FL_Microsoft_VisualStudio_EnterpriseTools__ 92325_____X86.3643236F_FC70_11D3_A536_0090278A1BB8 from the file on the root of the VS DVD and rename it to Microsoft.VisualStudio.EnterpriseTools.ClassDesigner.dll

  5. From a cmd prompt, run %programfiles%\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\SDK\v2.0\bin\gacutil.exe /if Microsoft.VisualStudio.EnterpriseTools.SdmDesigners.dll

  6. From a cmd prompt, run %programfiles%\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\SDK\v2.0\bin\gacutil.exe /if Microsoft.VisualStudio.EnterpriseTools.ClassDesigner.dll

Note that I have inserted spaces into some of the commands above to force it to word wrap on the blog site.  If you copy and paste these steps please remove the spaces before running the commands listed above.

<update date="7/21/2009"> Fixed broken link to VS 2005 beta cleanup tool. </update>


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  1. Paul says:

    This is a brilliant little tool & solved my probs.

  2. John Brahy says:

    That tool started an endless loop of some XML file trying to execute itself. It doesn’t work on my machine. Am I the first to report this?

  3. Randy says:

    I ran the tool, but still have the problem. The tool reports no issues. Any suggestions?

  4. Shahn Hogan says:


    Do these instructions work for the Express Editions? When I run the two "del" statments the system cannot find the path specified. Any suggestions? I’ve ran the and it didn’t locate any issues. I’ve also done a repair and rebooted as required. Thanks!

  5. Hi Shahn – these instructions are not applicable to Express Editions. The files in question do not ship in the Express Editions. You should not be seeing this kind of package load failure in Express Editions also. Please contact me at if you are still having issues.

    Hi Randy – there may be additional files orphaned on your machine that could be causing this. Can you please try the following steps to try to gather a list of files that might be problematic:

    1. Download the file from

    2. Extract the contents to c:fsnap.exe on your machine

    3. Run fsnap.exe /bs c:windowsassembly > c:file_list.txt

    4. Locate and delete any files with version 2.0.xxxxx.xx or 8.0.xxxxx.xx where the xxxxx.xx is not equal to 50727.42.

    You will need to change the paths in the steps above if you have your OS installed on a drive other than C. Also, make sure that you include the trailing after the assembly folder name or else the tool will not work correctly.

    Let me know if you’re able to get this to work, and also if possible could you send me the output from this tool so I could take a look and try to figure out why the cleanup tool isn’t removing all of the necessary files on your system?

  6. Hi John – I have not yet heard from anyone who had a problem like you describe while running the cleanup tool. Can you please send me %temp%ttool.log from this machine? You can send it to

  7. Hey all – I have posted some additional steps to try in case you run the troubleshooting tool at and it does not resolve all package load failure errors. Please check out the post at for additional information.

  8. Tim Van Holder says:

    Just a warning for those using this cleanup tool to prepare for a clean VS2005 & SQL2005 install: it bungles the SQL Server 2005 uninstall.

    I had the CTP editions of SQL Server 2005 installed (Server, Tools & DTS) when I ran ttool.exe – it seemed to have nicely uninstalled everything (VS2005 install went without a hitch).

    BUT SQL Server 2005 install failed. While it was no longer possible to uninstall the CTP from the Add/Remove control panel, the MSI database still listed those products as installed, preventing a clean install. msiexec /x offered no solution either – runing the uninstalls broke. I had to resort to using the MSI cleanup tool to get the offending entries removed.

  9. Excellent work! I tried that tool before and it never worked, but your manual fix worked perfectly first time.

  10. Les Sullivan says:

    ttool Fixed the problem here. I had a beta 2 which I uninstalled in the wrong order, and then a full install of the VS2005. I got the message when I first went for the toolbox on a new c# project. ttool fixed it. Thanks

  11. I have this problem too.

    But the Tool hasn’t found a problem.

    I have MS Visual Studio 2005 Version 8.0.50727-4200 installed.

    The manually steps deosn’t work right (files not found).

    I don’t know waht to du plz help!

  12. Hi Matthias – Can you please try the steps listed at and see if they help resolve this issue?

  13. Yatharth says:

    I tried doing all the above and it still does not work. I scanned the registry for the GUID value that shows up with the error and it exists in multiple places.

    Do I need to do anything to the registry in addition to this.


  14. Hi Yatharth – If you are still running into package load failure errors (which it sounds like you are but I’m not 100% sure), can you please try the steps listed at and see if they help resolve this issue?

  15. hiren shah says:

    i am not able to see this file


    in my dvd

  16. Hi Hiren – You can use the troubleshooting tool listed in step 1 of the blog post at to automatically perform the steps listed in this blog post.  That way you won’t have to worry about locating the CAB file and extracting the contents, etc.  Hope this helps…

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