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I was talking to my friend and former manager Andy this evening and he asked me where he could find the "official" location for the DUAScriptGen that Mike Hall and I wrote a while back.  He had tried to search my blog and most of the old links pointed to a now dead location on Mike's ISP site (Mike posted this update recently because that former link went dead). 

Andy pointed out that it is fairly difficult to figure out which link is the most recent and required a lot of combing through blog archives on my site and Mike's site.  So we decided the best route to go would be to create an article on my blog site that could serve as a permalink for DUAScriptGen download and usage information.  I have posted the DUAScriptGen User's Guide with all information you should need to download and use DUAScriptGen to create DUA scripts to keep your embedded images up to date.  All of the info in the user's guide is included in a readme file in the DUAScriptGen download also in case you want to print it out and refer to it.

As always, if you have any bug reports or feature suggestions for DUAScriptGen, please contact myself and/or Mike.  You can also send comments/questions directly to the embedded team via their blog and they will find their way to me also  :-).


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  1. William Sullivan says:

    Hey, I’ve got a question about downloading QFE’s… As far as I can tell, the only place you can get them from is from the Microsoft OEM site, which has little to no information on how to get in there if you aren’t a member of their super-secret club. How the hell can I get some updates for xpe?

  2. Hi William – you should be able to locate and download Embedded QFEs on the Microsoft Download Center. I found a link on http://msdn.microsoft.com/embedded/downloads/xp/default.aspx that links to a search page with a list of Embedded-specific results:


    Hope this helps…

  3. Anandhi says:

    Hi Aaron,

    I was on the online chat with XPe gurus and posted a question about not being able to convert a device net driver INF file to DUA using the DUAScriptGen.

    The inf file that I am using imports fine in Component Designer but when I use DUAScriptGen I get no entries in the File and Resgitry operations column.

    Let me know how I can get the inf file to you.



  4. Hi Anandhi – the parsing logic inside of DUAScriptGen for converting INF files to DUA script files is fairly specific to Windows QFE INF files. There is a good chance that the parsing logic does not recognize some of the syntax inside of the driver INF file that you’re trying to convert. Can you contact me at aaronste (at) microsoft (dot) com and send me a copy of your INF so I can take a look? If you send the INF can you please rename it to be a .txt file instead of a .inf file (because my mail server will automatically remove files with .inf extensions for security reasons)?

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