Sample code to enumerate .NET Framework versions

I found an interesting post that lists some sample code to enumerate the installed versions of the .NET Framework using APIs inside of mscoree.dll (which is the shim DLL that decides which version of the .NET Framework to load for each managed application that runs on a computer).  This code comes directly from the development team that works on mscoree.dll itself, and it is going to eventually be shipped in the .NET Framework SDK.  Check it out here.


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  1. Nish says:

    Hey Aaron,

    Perhaps my article on this very topic may be interesting to some people :-

    The coding gentleman’s guide to detecting the .NET Framework

    URL :



  2. Thank you for the pointer Nish. I should also link here to some sample code I wrote last year that can be used to detect the version and service pack levels of the various releases of the .NET Framework. It is located at and used the officially recommended detection methods listed on MSDN.

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