Why doesn’t the Avalon/Indigo March CTP work with VS 2005 Beta 2?

I have gotten a couple of questions since VS 2005 Beta 2 released a few weeks ago asking how to integrate the most recent Community Tech Preview (CTP) of Avalon and Indigo into the VS Beta 2 IDE.  Unfortunately, because the Avalon/Indigo CTP depends on a pre-beta 2 version of the .NET Framework 2.0, that CTP will not install and work on the same machine as VS 2005 Beta 2.  Rob Relyea posted a good FAQ explaining what is going on behind the scenes if you're interested.  Fortunately, there is an updated CTP planned for release in the next month or so that will plug into VS 2005 Beta 2, so stay tuned for that....


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  1. Brandon Tyler says:

    This is a major bummer. I wanted to do a cool demo with the latest VSTS beta 2 drop and Avalon. I installed everything and then tried the March CTP drop of Avalon and I keep getting the must install the version of .Net framework that is older. you think it would be compatible with versions moving forward!

  2. Scott Hodson says:

    Looks like a beta 2 compatible version has been released


  3. I just noticed that there has been a new release candidate published for the Avalon and Indigo beta 1. …

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