Version of VS 2005 beta cleanup tool now available on the Download Center

The most recent version of the VS 2005 cleanup tool has been posted to this location on the Microsoft Download Center.  This version matches the version on my WinISP site as of right now, plus it is digitally signed and posted as an EXE instead of a ZIP file so it does not have to be saved to the desktop and unzipped before you can use it.  This version on the Download Center will likely not be updated until VS 2005 releases because it has proven to work correctly in beta 1 and CTP uninstall scenarios.  I will update the version on my WinISP site if/when any additional beta 1 or CTP issues are found in the future.  We are currently working on updating the uninstall instructions on the VS 2005 site to include a link to this tool and more specific instructions, so stay tuned for that.

5/1 UPDATE: The new uninstall known issues page has been posted.  You can view it by clicking this link.


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  1. Need to spread the word about this. – josh

    Wow, did you know that there is a Visual Studio 2005 cleanup…

  2. J Plumb says:

    I get an error 2356 when I try to use the cleanup tool. I’ve already installed VS 2005 beta 1 and I’m not having success uninstalling the .net Framework. It was never in the Add/Remove programs list. I followed the manual removal instructions, but beta 2 still won’t install. Please help! My email is



  3. Can you please try the following steps and see if this will resolve the issue?

    1. Download the VS 2005 beta cleanup tool from and save it to your desktop

    2. Go to the Start menu, choose Run, type cmd and run vs2005_beta_cleanup_tool.exe /t:c:temp /c from the cmd prompt

    3. From the cmd prompt, run c:tempmsizap TP {71F8EFBF-09AF-418D-91F1-52707CDFA274}

    4. Now run c:tempcleanup.exe and when the UI lauches, choose to remove the VS 2005 beta again.

    5. After the cleanup completes, try to reinstall VS 2005 Beta 2 one more time.

  4. Quick update on the steps I listed in the previous comment – I forgot that we removed msizap.exe from the VS 2005 beta version of the cleanup tool to make the download size smaller.

    You can find a copy of msizap.exe inside the version of the cleanup tool designed for .NET Framework 1.0 and 1.1 that is posted at

    Hope this helps and sorry for any confusion…

  5. Weblog says:

    Wow, did you know that there is a Visual Studio 2005 cleanup tool that is suppossed to help cleanup any…

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