More info about some of the 1935 error HRESULT values

Hey all, the doc I originally wrote about 1935 errors does not do a very good job of providing details about root causes of many of the possible HRESULT values that I list (thank you to Carolyn on the Windows Installer team for pointing this out).  So, as I get some time, I'm going to try to go through the ones I know of and provide more detailed examples of when I've seen them happen in my experience.  I wanted to start by linking to a really good overview that Alan Shi on the Fusion team wrote about a few of the HRESULTs that can possibly be returned by Fusion - check it out here.

<update date="1/15/2006"> Unfortunately, it appears that the link to Alan's list of Fusion error codes no longer works.  I was able to find a knowledge base article describing the GAC APIs available in the .NET Framework, but I could not find a detailed reference to Fusion error codes.  I will try to get a list put together and posted in the near future. </update>


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  1. accor120 says:


    the "here" link does not work.

  2. Hi Accor120 – That link had been working, but now it is gone and I couldn’t find the equivalent information elsewhere on the web. I will try to get a list of these return codes posted in the near future.

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