New white paper now available – installing XP Embedded SP2

There is a new white paper that has just been published.  It provides an overview of reasons why you would want to update to SP2, some considerations to think about before updating, the process of updating, and an FAQ and troubleshooting guide for installation issues.  You can find the white paper by clicking here.

This is a really good document to read so that you can carefully consider some of the branching decisions for runtimes you want to build.  For example, if you are currently building and maintaining XP Embedded RTM or SP1 runtimes and you want to update your database to SP2, you will need to maintain a separate database if you want/need to continue providing updates to your SP1 runtimes without also updating them to SP2.


Comments (3)

  1. Howard Smith says:

    Thats great but when is the document at going to be ready, the link says Dec 10th. Is that 2005?


  2. Paul M. says:

    If this white paper had been available when I upgrade to SP2 it would have allowed me greater flexibility for generating images than I have now.

    Reading the line about the EWFAPI.Lib shipped with SP2 being the wrong one would have saved me a day’s wasted development time.

    Every developer should read this white paper BEFORE upgrading to SP2.

  3. Howard, I asked around about the document that you referred to and there were some slight delays getting it published, but it appears to be up and ready for download now. I apologize for the delay.

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